Current Session Playlist

Class Playlist

Tue & Wed Beginner/Improver Class (Level 2)

Teach: Tue 11/13 & Wed 11/14

Review Week

Warm Up

All I Am Is You


Over The Rainbow

Do It Like This

Right Now


Class Playlist

Tue & Wed Intermediate Class (Level 4)

Teach: Tue 11/13 & Wed 11/14

Secrets That We Keep - Shane, Guillaume & Niels

Warm Up

Vanotek Cha


Stitches - Amy Glass

A Double Whiskey

Have Fun Go Mad

Quick Review


Pull You Through

Watch The Tempo

Just Dance (if time permits)

What If I Stay

Holly's Absolute Beginner Class

Class Locations:

Sunnyvale Community Center

550 East Remington Drive

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Contact: The Senior Center (408) 730-7360