"Probably the finest African song singing group in the world is Ladysmith Black Mambazo. These singers rank second and they're from Canada."

Dean FH Macy, Epilogue Records

Between 1988 and 1996, Edmonton's Juba brought the magic of their African-inspired music to audiences from Yellowknife to Zimbabwe. Through song, rhythm and dance the group created an environment in which people were free to release the music within them. Juba ignited audiences at virtually every major folk festival in Canada, and in 1991 realized a longtime dream by taking their music to Africa. They also gave numerous vocal workshops to Alberta choirs, most notably Kokopelli. The group released four albums, including 1993's critically acclaimed cd Mafaro (available through Apple Music and Spotify).

For a vivid snapshot of Juba in its heyday, listen to this 1992 interview with CBC legend Peter Gzowski.

The group eventually stopped performing in the late 90s, as some band members had families and others moved away. They remain close friends, however, and most of them continue to make music in one way or another.

Juba's members:

  • Warren Albers
  • Cleve Alexander
  • Lark Clark
  • Kelly Collins
  • Beth Portman
  • Scott Rollans
  • Arthur Bollo-Kamara (1992–95)

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