Hi everyone! I'm Juanjo and I'm originally from Tenerife. I've just recently moved to Ambleside in the UK. If I had to make a list of four things that I am passionate about, I would have no doubt: photography, traveling, music and cinema.

The love for photography comes from a long time ago, from the day I chose the photography elective in high school until today. Since then, I have been training and found my own style in which to feel myself. And what is my style? Well, I have discovered that my style is changing at the same time that I myself do too, but if I had to define it in some way I would say that it is “light and feelings”. If you look at any of my photos I think you will understand what I mean, in the end, what is important in photography is that: light and conveying a feeling, a story.

Nor would I say that I only have a specific sector to photograph. I feel just as comfortable shooting outdoors: landscapes, portraits or family photos, for example. I adapt to the people, the situation and I listen to their needs, which ultimately makes each photo different and has that magic that I think characterizes my way of photographing.

If you want to count on me to create your own unique and special memories, you can also find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Contact me by mail: info@juanjosediazfoto.com