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December 31st 2018: Rockport New Year's Eve: An annual favorite!

July 4th 2017:

What a privilege to perform in "America's longest running 4th of July Parade," in Bristol RI!

One thing I can say is that juggling non-stop for 2.5 miles in July heat is NO JOKE. But I can also say the parade was incredible, full of so many amazing features, extremely well organized and the crowds were SPECTACULAR! Thank you to everyone who made this incredible event possible. And PS: "Happy Birthday U.S.A.," you unbridled teenager you!

Above: Beautiful shiny "Contras" carried by the marching band "Enigma," all the way from San Antonion TX! (You'd think their arms would be tired...)

Above: Yours Truly with the amazing General Pershing, as portrayed by a most wonderful historical actor and educator from www.historyteller.us. Check it!

July 3rd 2017:

What a privilege to trail the Laughter League medical clowns on their rounds at Children's Hospital today! I absolutely loved every minute of it. I am over-awed by the magnificence of our medical institutions, and by the unlikely yet unmistakable flicker of hope and of humanity brought to the patients and caretakers through true, honest, pure, kind, gentle, super-aware "clowning." Fingers toes and eyeballs crossed for my next call back, yet also just grateful for the experience so far.

Above: "Nurse B.B." & "Dr. Dazzle" heading to the Cardiology Above: JTJ, Nurse BB, Dr. Dazzle and Jay "Skeeter" Stewart and then Oncology floors @Boston Children's Hospital

June 28th 2017

Two pieces of great news!

1) Lovely feedback from a recent client:

"Jenny was a huge hit!!! My kids absolutely love her! When we have my daughters birthday in February we will be booking her again! Tell Jenny thank you so much for a fabulous addition to our birthday party!

2) I got called back for Hospital Clowning with the Laughter League!!! Next step is to observe actual performers working in the hospital; hopefully sooner than later. Yay!!!

June 26th 2017:

On this day I am auditioning for the chance to become a part of a Medical Clowning Program with the FoundationforLaughter.org. While I continue to be honored and humbled to perform for so many culturally diverse and infinitely interesting families around greater Boston and beyond, it remains the exception when I am impacting the lives of people who are experiencing profound medical or economic struggles.

Adding Hospital Clowning to my repertoire is something I have dreamt about for a long time now. And here suddenly is my opportunity to throw my proverbial hat in the ring! I believe I have the skill, experience, heart and drive to learn what it takes to make a difference in a hospital setting. Fingers crossed the directors of the program feel the same!

Here I go, breaking legs and busting balls.

Please wish me luck! And enjoy this 5 minute video from the FoundationforLaughter.org:

Funnyatrics [4:56]

Summer 2017:

When I am Juggling before Red Sox games, kids can PLAY BALL at FENWAY PARK! I pitch them a huge inflatable baseball right over "home plate" on Yawkey Way.

Everyone seems to love it (and so far we've *only* spilled a few drops of one fan's beverage... and he didn't even mind a bit)!


After the Red Sox game on June 25th 2017 it was Family Day at Fenway Park, where players and their families enjoy the park's entertainment and some much-earned relaxation out on the field.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in Boston who happened to be juggling three bats at home plate when Dustin Pedroia walked on by (sorry no pic available)!

Here I am juggling a bat, ball & glove on the pitcher's mound when I worked this event in 2015!

(photo credit: Mat Graham Magic; RandomEffects.com)

June 23rd 2017:

Big League Brian and Jenny the Juggler entertain Red Sox fans at Fenway at home games.


This was David Ortiz Tribute Day. Thank you Big Papi Forever!

June 22nd 2017:

Hanging out with new friends at the North Shore Physicians Group Open House in Rowley MA.

June 3rd 2017: Jenny emcee's the "Imagine" Stage at CAMBRIDGE RIVER FESTIVAL.


"We Loved Your Show!

"Just wanted to say that we thought you did a great job emceeing on Saturday, especially how you were able to keep the kids entertained while there were some challenges with the band at the end of the night. My son loved it which is extremely impressive because he only likes people that play guitar. (...You DO play ukelele which means he'd love you for that.)

"He's asked if he can come to one of your shows later in the summer so we'll be looking out for a calendar date that works. I saw you have them on your website.

Anyway, thanks for being great."

Above: Jenny shares the stage with surprise guest, Peter Panic.

<== Thank YOU for the great feedback Joe! (o:

June 2nd 2017: Jenny & colleague Peter Panic were featured on BOSTON PUBLIC RADIO with WGBH News' Margery Egan and Jim Braude.

What an experience!

Introducing Calamity Joan!

April 27th 2017: Boston's Best and Only Cowgirl is born!

Although I had no prior experience performing a cowgirl character per se... turns out my Aunt Kaye was right when she said, "Darling, it's in your BONES."

Although I grew up in California, *all* my relatives are from the SOUTH, and tawkin' southern' lahk iuhz somethin' ah wuz boworn t' deeo.

Yeehaw, what a day!

Watch out for Boston's Rootinest, Tootinest Cowgirl any ol' time you like. She'll yippee-ki-yay your boots right off!

March 20th 2017: Boston Globe Magazine featured Jenny's Show at The Coolidge Corner Theatre.

What a great piece of promo this was; great turnout for the show too!

January 26th 2017: Jenny's show at the Londonderry, NH Library featured in the Londonderry Times!

Thanks to Mia for this adorable drawing!


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