Humanizing Online STEM Showcase - Jessica Proctor

Bajau diver

Where I was

Prior to completing this course, I was not fully confident recording lecture videos or using programs such as Flip or Adobe Express.

Homo neanderthalensis

Where I am

I now have a completely new tool-kit to create meaningful ways to connect with my students in a fully asynchronous online environment.

Male gelada baboon

Where I am going

I plan to completely re-vamp all of my online courses to incorporate Adobe Express to make bumper videos and microlectures throughout my course. 

Screenshot of Liquid Syllabus for Biological Anthropology

Liquid Syllabus

Through the process of creating a liquid syllabus, I fully realized the importance of how information is presented to students in the weeks leading up to the start of the course.  Creating a pack with my students, giving them a success kit for week # 1 and links to student services will allow my students to feel more confident moving into the first week of the course.  In the past, I have struggled with inspiring students to utilize the information within the course syllabus.  I strongly feel that using the liquid syllabus moving forward will result in more students accessing the syllabus prior to the start of the course as well as throughout the semester.  I look forward to utilizing this tool in future semesters.

Screenshot of Course cards

Course Cards

Through the process of creating humanizing course cards, I searched for images that would give students a warm welcoming to the course and also convey a message about some of the content that we will explore over the semester.  This also helps me identify each course when I first open up my Canvas homepage to quickly get to the course content that I need.

Screenshot of Homepage for Biological Anthropology


Through the process of creating a humanizing homepage, I realized the importance of creating a landing spot for all of my courses that will provide students with important information about how to contact me for assistance, how to access the course Modules, announcements, office hours, zoom, etc.

Screenshot of Pre-Course Survey

Getting to Know You Survey

I created a Pre-Course Survey for students to complete during Week # 1:

Two example questions from the survey:

Ice Breaker Discussion

Public Link to Canvas Studio Video

Reflect. Anthropology is the study of what makes us humans. Select your top 2-3 traits from below that you feel are the most important elements of what makes humans unique.

Bumper Video

Public Link to Canvas Studio Video

This was one of the most valuable skills that I learned throughout the process of this course.  I used Adobe Express to create a short video highlighting the key cranial features of the the hominin species Paranthropus boisei I enjoyed this process so much that I have started making these short bumper videos for all of the hominin species that we have in the lab.  These videos have already been immensely helpful to my biological anthropology lecture and lab students.


Learning Objectives for Microlecture: