Your individual psychospiritual therapy and counseling support on the path of deep healing.

Be nourished and receive the holistic deep care that is longed for and needed.

Together we will tune in and tend to the temple of your body, soul and spirit.

Healing & Insight

Tools and techniques that may be engaged during your visits at Joyspring Healing Clinic:

Womb Awakening



Shamanic healing

Gestalt psychology

Analytical psychology

Body-oriented psychology

Process-oriented psychology

Energy healing and chakra balancing

Buddhist psychology: mindfulness training, meditation practice

Dream interpretation: Jungian and Gestalt techniques and the work of Arnold Mindell

Developmental psychology: including Native American Medicine Wheel teachings from both North and South America

Intuitive Oracular Readings and Healing Transmissions

Disclaimer: Alternative Healing modalities are a compliment to your overall health care. Joyspring Healing Clinic promotes a holistic view of healing, and advises and encourages clients to engage with all the resources available to support the overarching healing journey. Healing is the sole responsibility of all individuals. JoySpring Healing Clinic is a compliment to any needed medical care, psychotherapy, ongoing counseling, physical therapy, nutritional guidance, exercise and any other vital need your mind-body-spirit is asking you to address. You have the innate power and sovereign ability to respond to those needs.

Psychospiritual Therapist, Dhyana Kluth, will hold sacred healing space in the sanctuary of Ascend Spine Center in Bloomfield, NJ.*

*Call or email to schedule an appointment.