In this section you will find all of my mastery worksheets that I have created over the years. Each worksheet is spilt into 3 sections, fluency, reasoning and problem solving so that students can master the concept.

All of my FREE mastery worksheets are below.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple mastery worksheets, please let me know. I can offer them at a discounted rate and create your own bundle on TES to purchase.

Reverse Percentages

reverse percentages 1.pdf

Odd and even numbers

odd and even numbers.pdf

Area of a triangle using trigonometry

area of triangles using trigonometry.pdf

Powers of 10

Powers of 10.pdf

Introduction to function notation

introduction to function notation.pdf

Rearranging formulae (no powers)

rearranging formulae using the four operations.pdf

Adding integers

adding integers.pdf