Dancin Shamrocks

Dancin Shamrocks 



Tuesday, May 21 : Live Oak Willow Glen - 1:00 - 1147 Minnesota SJ

Tuesday, June 18: Skyline - 2:00 - 2063 Forest Ave SJ

New Venue:  Tuesday, July 16th  2:30 p.m.  Watermark 4610 Almaden Expy, SJ

Tuesday, Aug 20: Live Oak Cupt - 11am - McClelland Rd.

DANCIN SHAMROCKS - Suggested Playlist

Live Oak Los Gatos - April 2024

Cross My Heart

Nine 2 Five

Rock Around The Clock

HITCHHIKER - King Of the Road

King of the Road

Irish Stew

That Honky Tonk Highway

Sweet Caroline

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Bringing It Back


Somewhere Beyond the Sea


Summer Fly

Wonderland Waltz  (Good Night Irene Music)

March 19th 2024 

Shirley, Debbie, Judy, Susan, Jill Maria, Joyce, Mike R, Dianne R, Mike S

at Sam's BBQ

after performance at Hearts & Minds

February 2023 Live Oak Cupt _ Joyce, Mike, Susan, Shirley, Jill, Maria, Betty, Joanne, Debbie, Lucia

October 2023  Lucia Judy Mria Jill Cathy Susan Mike Joyce

Brookdale - July 2022

December 2019 at Skyline

October 2019 Hearts & Minds

August 2019 at Live Oak 

2016 Valley Villages Santa Clara

Dancin Shamrocks at Skyline - July 2019  (Judy not pictured...see below)

Debbie "Photoshopped Judy" into the picture!!

Dancin Shamrocks - May 2017    December 2017    December 2018

Live Oak - April 2018 - Mike, Betty, Doris, Marilynne, Judy, Maria, Jenny, Nora, Roberta, Elaine, Patrice, Sylvia, Debbie, Claire, Lucia, Joyce