Detailed arrival instructions to JOWO

To arrive at JOWO, we strongly suggest you use tram line number 7 which has frequent trains and stops in all strategic points of Graz. The exact Google Maps location of the venue is this one, but public transportation routes from Google don't work (use this route planner instead). A map of public transportation in Zone 101 is available here.

Tram tips: Tram drivers do not sell tickets. Standard tickets are hourly tickets and you can buy them (2,50€) in a machine at the tram stop (if available) or in a machine inside the tram. Notice it's proportionally much cheaper to buy a weekly pass or, if you are staying for 3 days and visiting the city you might be interested in purchasing a 3-day ticket. Cash and some cards accepted (major bank cards equipped with a chip). You can enter/exit the tram using any door and don't need to show the ticket to anyone. You can enter the tram without a ticket if you buy it immediately in the machine. Tickets are checked randomly by undercover agents with no possibility of escaping or presenting excuses. For information, special tickets, maps, etc... visit the main Kiosk at Jakominiplatz.

Please pay attention to the instructions below because the area is under construction. Pictures might not be fully accurate as there are daily changes.

(1) Get on Tram 7

Take line 7 towards LKH Med Uni from any strategic point in Graz (main train station, main square, Jakominiplatz...). Stops available here, schedule here. All public transportation map here. Expect a 15-minute ride from the city center to JOWO.

(2) Get off at Klinikum Nord

Get off the tram at LKH Med Uni/Klinikum Nord (last stop). Use this same tram stop to go back to the city center.

(3) Locate Campus

Look Southeast and you will see a massive grey building. That is the new Med Campus, where JOWO takes place.

(4) Find path

Find the pedestrian/bike lane.

(5) Walk along

Walk towards the building.

(6) Locate main entrance

Continue walking towards the main entrance near the "Medizinische Universität Graz" gray sign in the building.

(7) Enter main entrance

Enter through the main entrance, approximately below the bridge under construction.

(8) Welcome to JOWO!

You will easily find the JOWO registration desk at the left of the entrance hall.