journeying barefoot

a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and sacred space honoring the intersection of self, spirituality, and education.


at journeying barefoot we commune together with Black and Indigenous women and children to expand awareness at the intersection of self, spirituality, and education through the practice of alternative healing modalities, connection to nature, exploration of self, and adventure through travel.

at journeying barefoot we:

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 “I began to speak more openly about the place of spirituality in my life when witnessing the despair of my students, their sense of hopelessness, their fears that life is without meaning, their profound loneliness and loveless-ness. When young, bright, beautiful students would come to my office and confess their despondency, I felt it was irresponsible to just listen and commiserate with their woes without daring to share how I had confronted similar issues in my life. Often they would urge me to tell them how I sustained my joy in living. To tell the truth, I had to be willing to talk openly about my spiritual life. And I had to find a way to talk about my choices that did not imply that they would be the correct or right choices for someone else.

My belief that God is love--that love is everything, our true destiny-sustains me. I affirm these beliefs through daily meditation and prayer, through contemplation and service, through worship and loving kindness.” 

-bell hooks

founder: barefoot bella (Ariel Goodwin)

I am Ariel Yvonne Goodwin. I am a soulful, earthy, intuitive, love-filled, liberated, mystical black woman living fully in my purpose and body. 

Verbal Liberator. Earthy Intuitive. Revolutionary Catalyst.

I journeyed into this life barefoot and ready to explore. My exposed feet allowed me to experience the reality that most soles are able to escape. In my childhood, I would hide my shoes in the bushes and walk the city streets. A proud city girl from Detroit, MI, now residing in Philadelphia, PA, my curious spirit has always sought the unexplored. I yearned for deeper connections—with myself, life, God, and everything in between. Learning became my passion, drawing me to books, nature, science, travel, and inspiring minds that expanded my own.

Growing up, my dreams centered around community service. As a product of my church upbringing, I envisioned myself as a missionary and Sunday School teacher. Simultaneously, I aspired to become an astronaut, writer, and nurse. Ultimately, I pursued higher education, spending nine years as a teacher while immersing myself in community work. From leading a free summer camp, Royal by Nature, with The ECO Foundation, to serving as a Director of Educational Programming and Development, my dedication to the community grew. Meanwhile, my spiritual practice flourished through metaphysical studies and alternative healing modalities like Reiki, meditation, and breathwork. As a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, a guide in tantric healing journeys, and an intuitive reader, I carved my path.

For me, it was essential to embody the intersections of my journey. To be true to myself, I needed to integrate my spirituality into my work and share the wisdom that has enriched my life. I exist as a black native woman, a mother, a lover of people and community, a spiritual being, and an educator. Each facet empowers me to embrace the destiny that awaits me.

Thus,  journeying barefoot was born, “a sacred space honoring the intersection of self, spirituality, and education.”  I firmly believe that our ultimate purpose in this life is to achieve complete liberation and fulfillment by embracing self-awareness and integrating all aspects of ourselves. I am dedicated to cultivating a space that does just that.