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*NEW* Turnaround Time:

We would like to announce our turnaround time for the March 2019 - March 2020 period. This includes all submissions.

Median Time till First Decision: 108 days.

The Editorial Board of the journal of Econometrics is pleased to announce the following initiatives.

A themed issue is a collection of six more more papers on the same topic. The following themed issues have been approved. Submission is open to all. For a list of the current Theme issues, check here.

Guidelines for proposing a theme can be found here

We are happy to provide a video link from our recent Journal of Econometrics Panel Session "Econometrics in the 21st Century, Challenges and Opportunities" at the ASSA meetings in San Diego. The panelists are: Gary Chamberlain, Angus Deaton, Lars Hansen, Guido Imbens, Dan McFadden, Rosa Matzkin, and Chris Sims.

We thank the Econometric Society for hosting this session at the meetings.

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