Joshua Elwood


Singer, Teacher, Voice Actor, Entertainer


Are you in need of a voice that can fill an ensemble or choir?

Or a teacher that can demonstrate the techniques to sing and act?

If you are looking for a voice that is powerful, versatile, charming, or mysterious

Or a voice teacher that can take any singer or actor and give them years of experience in minutes...

This is the guy for you!

The range of this performer is very extensive. Everything from little kids to grown adults male and female is within the realm of possibility

From Cartoon Characters, Dramatic Realism, Scratch noises for background, and even Anime this Voice Actor will always give the absolute best to any and all roles given.

With the Determination and Drive of a machine, Joshua is not only ready but excited to take on any role you give him

Originating in the great state of Texas, Joshua's Experience has spanned over 2 decades. With experience in: Live Theatre, Musical Theatre, Radio, Podcasting, and even Costume Character performing, Joshua's experience has given him a lifetime of fun and people to be inspired by and learn from. In the Voice Acting Community he has provided work for Animated Shorts, Cartoons, Anime, Abridged, and Live Improvisation.

Here is my demo tape for 2018, it shows off a collection of voices and emotions.

if you find you are still looking for something, you can feel free to try one of the samples below.

Ahhh, i see why you are saw through all the VA work and wanted to keep scrolling down.

Well here is the place where you will find all of my Rates for Services rendered and some examples of instrumental pieces I have done! The list is constantly being updated as i do more and more so I hope you enjoy your stay!

My demo reel was also written, directed, and mixed by me so if you want an example of what I can do with demo reels THERE YA GO! More will be added once they are finished!

Rates For Services







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