Questions & Answers

Please find answers to questions I have received in comment sections on Facebook, in person, and from interviews.

1. (Facebook) What do you feel are the three most important issues Joplin faces?

    • Quality of Life. I want to raise the quality of life for everyone by continuing to improve our parks, trails and other amenities. I feel this will make Joplin more attractive to new businesses that can provide better paying jobs that support our existing businesses, including our vibrant Downtown. Downtown is a key element to our local economy. I want Joplin to be a destination with thriving local business, arts, and quality of life amenities that are attractive to businesses, future and current residents.

    • Safety and Security. I feel the City must continue to assist our police department attract and retain officers to keep our communities safe. I plan to discuss and explore ways our police staff can respond to situations dealing with mental health to keep both officers and citizens safe.

    • Tax revenue: I am a proponent for using our tax revenue in the most efficient manner by prioritizing what the citizens need, and what will help Joplin continue to move toward the future.

2. (Facebook) My leadership experience and Resume

  • Hope 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation Board Member (2010-2012)

      • Help raise awareness and support women and men dealing with breast cancer.

  • Childrens Center of Southwest Missouri Fundraising Committee Member (2014-2016) and Co-Chair (2015)

      • Help raise funds to help support The Childrens Center for its annual operations.

  • City of Joplin Parks and Recreation Board Member (2014- present) Chairperson (2021-2022)

      • Listen to citizens and Parks staff about the wants and needs they would like to see the Parks Dept. provide - from programming for citizens from all ages to different events in the parks and advising Parks staff to help make decision on how to more forward.

      • Understanding the resources available to the department from the city budget and advising Parks Dept. on prioritizing projects to fit the needs of the community.

  • Joplin Schools Foundation Board Member (2016- present)

      • The foundation sponsors the Major Savers program that helps raise money to give back to the Joplin School District.

      • The foundation oversees many scholarship opportunities that help provide students with financial support to pay for their education.

      • The foundation raises money for grant programs that are awarded to teachers in elementary, middle and high school to use for specific projects that are above what the school district can provide.

  • Joplin School District Long-Term Facilities Committee Member (2019)

      • Worked with the school district administration, teachers and community members to review the needs of the current buildings conditions, and whether they reflect 21st century learning environments.

      • I co-chaired the recommendation subcommittee to the school board. This ultimately resulted in the much need addition to Kelsey Norman and the combination of West Central and Columbia schools at the new Dover Hill Elementary.

  • Proposition Renew Committee Member (2021)

      • Worked with a large committee that included city staff and many community members that prioritized the projects to work on from the proceeds of the Storm Water Tax Renewal. Input on all projects were based on responses from citizens at large, and staff recommendations.

  • Memorial Hall Committee Member (present)

      • Working with a committee that includes veterans, community members, and city staff to restore and renovate Memorial Hall to provide a multi-purpose, multi-use facility that will help support our local businesses and increase our tax base and provide revenue to the city to help meet more needs for the city and its citizens

3. (Facebook) Question about CRT

  • What I know of CRT, and that is very little, is that it's an issue the school districts will be wrestling with the states about for years to come. I don't see any issues that the city council would have in making decisions regarding CRT. The city council and the school board are two different bodies that deal with their own issues separately.

4. Joplin Globe 5 Q's

  1. Why did you choose to run for city council?

I choose to run for City Council because I believe strongly in civic duty. I believe in helping lead the community I live in. I have been on the Parks and Recreation board since 2014. I served on the Prop Renew committee and now on the Memorial Hall committee. I have seen the momentum Joplin has made in the last few years and I want to be a part of keeping it going. The community has shown its willingness to help support itself and grow by renewing the Storm Water Tax and by passing the Use Tax. Those are both tremendous for the City of Joplin and its future. I want to help lead Joplin into that future.

  1. What do you believe are the most important functions of city government?

I believe there are many important functions of city government but these are at the top of the list.

It needs to provide its citizens with a good quality of life. That would include public safety through the Police and Fire Departments, economic development to provide good paying jobs, having amenities such as parks, trails, entertainment centers and multi-purpose facilities. These things can help increase our tax revenue by attracting people to come to Joplin to work, live, play, shop and eat.

Joplin City Government needs to efficiently and effectively use its tax dollars to meet the needs of the citizens and balance it with future growth. It needs to provide transparency in its use of those dollars to build trust and confidence with its citizens.

I believe we need our leaders to listen to the residents. We must work together and along side members of the community to identify needs and provide solutions. Leaders need to be objective to see different perspectives so we can find the best solutions possible.

  1. What are two of Joplin’s most pressing needs and how would you recommend they be addressed?

The two most pressing issues I see are attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, and safety and security.

We need to make Joplin attractive for all kinds of jobs to come and stay in Joplin. We need first responders, plumbers, carpenters, entrepreneurs, large businesses and small businesses. Name it and we need it. We make Joplin more attractive by continuing to improve on quality of life amenities. We need to improve the appearance of some of our dilapidated neighborhoods to make them attractive for people to live in. Joplin has too much great history and heritage to see its buildings crumbling. I want Joplin to be a destination for the people that live here and also the people that don’t.

Safety and security concerns were one of the top responses from residents on the listening tour and its survey the city completed last year. We need to be able to provide our police with competitive pay on a regional level so they have the ability to recruit new and experienced officers. We need to have Parks security that can patrol the parks and partner with JPD to keep them safe and free of vandalism. Knowing that a community is safe is one of the best ways to make Joplin attractive to people and businesses thinking of coming to Joplin.

  1. What is your view on the proposal to renovate and expand Memorial Hall funded by property and personal tax?

The renovation and addition to Memorial Hall is vital to Joplins long term growth. This is an incredibly important step in the future of our community.

The facility provides more than just a concert venue. It is a multi-use, multi-purpose facility. It is a place that Parks and Reaction department can use for programs and exercise classes. It can be used to host sporting events like pickle ball, basketball and volleyball. It’s a meeting place for businesses and organizations. It can be used as an event center that will bring events back into Joplin that have left town because we don’t have a place that can host them, like the Chamber Business Expo. There will be something for everyone.

It will compliment The Cornell complex, not be an extension of it. More importantly it will help support our downtown and the small businesses that operate there. There are over 800 parking spots within a block of Memorial Hall, that makes it easily accessible.

Bringing in quality of life amenities is incredibly important when the workforce can choose to go anywhere, we want to attract them to come here and stay here. Bringing people and business to Joplin means our tax base grows which means we have more revenue to use to meet more needs.

I encourage everyone to go to for more information on the project.

  1. What do I like about living in Joplin?

As a lifelong resident I have always appreciated that Joplin has midsize city appeal but with a small town feel. We aren’t afraid to stand up for our beliefs and we aren’t above helping our neighbors.