Josh Clothier

Hi there - I'm a PhD research student interested in the nexus between the fine phonetic detail of speech and social identities. My particular interest is in minoritised ethnic identities in (mainly) English majority countries like Australia. My PhD examines how Lebanese Australians index their variable ethnic identities at the segmental and sub-segmental level. This work has also raised questions about the social indexical status of a number of vocalic and consonantal variables in "mainstream" Australian English, and the ways in which women and men navigate ethnic and linguistic spaces in different ways.

My PhD research is done in the Phonetics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne and as an affiliate researcher with the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, which has offered me great support throughout my candidature.

I work as a Research Assistant and a Teaching Associate at the University of Melbourne.

Through my research work, I'm involved in a number of (primarily) sociophonetic projects, including a long term collaboration with Dr Debbie Loakes, which looks at a vowel merger in progress and, recently, is examining this phenomenon in speakers of Aboriginal Englishes in Victoria. I also work with Dr Chloé Diskin on her projects which look at second dialect acquisition of phonetic variables, and Dr Olga Maxwell in her work on Indian English perception and production. I also have long term collaborations with the Language Testing Research Centre at the University of Melbourne, and have most recently been working with Dr Kellie Frost and Professor Gillian Wigglesworth on a project examining the different strategies test-takers use when completing the TOEFL iBT read-and-listen to speak speaking test.

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