Joshua Bleiberg, Ph.D.

Joshua Bleiberg is an Assistant Professor of Education Policy at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. He was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in School Reform at the Annenberg Institution at Brown University. His research uses quantitative research methods to estimate the causal effects of state and federal education policies on students of color and students from impoverished communities. In recent research Josh has examined the causal effects of national standards-based reforms (e.g., NCLB, Common Core, ESEA Waivers). He also uses quantitative research methods to elucidate areas of inequality in education and teacher labor markets. He has experience teaching education policy, politics, and research methods to a diverse group of students including undergraduates and education leaders.

His work has been published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Education Finance and Policy, AERA Open, Harvard Educational Review, Educational Policy, Journal of Education Human Resources, and the Journal of Education Policy. His research has been covered in the media by New York Times, Washington Post, National Public Radio, Education Week, and Vox.

Joshua received his Ph.D. in Leadership, Policy, and Organization at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College. He has a Master’s Degree in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Joshua also earned a Childhood education teacher certification in New York.