Jon has been involved with basketball at club and local league level for decades. The two clubs he has been actively part of running and supporting are detailed below. Jon has table officiated at Surrey League games and played for the Putney team in cup and league. and point here and have been used over the years to support marketing of the Putney club. I am happy to list other London clubs under these domains. Just send me details and I will post them here.

Putney Basketball Club

Jon set up and ran the Putney Basketball Club for 3+ years. He no longer runs the club and is unable to provide details of any follow-on club. Please contact Wandsworth Council or the sports hall in Wandsworth for current details. 

If you are involved in Putney/Wandsworth basketball teams I would be happy to link from here for you

Maidenhead Basketball Club

Maidenhead Basketball club was set up and run by Jon from 2000 through 2003. The club was originally supported by 3 mobile having developed from a team run for that firm hence the H3GBC tag on some of the sites that link to us.

The last known contact address for Maidenhead basketball Club was Levent Erbilgin at Nortel Networks. With Nortel no more we have no further details available we suggest people interested in basketball in the Maidenhead area now contact Slough Scorpions who are less than 3 miles away. 

If you are involved in Maidenhead basketball teams I would be happy to link from here for you