Jon D. Kurtz, LLC

Contemporary/Comprehensive Solutions for Today's Law Enforcement & Security Challenges

Law Enforcement: Agency's are under constant scrutiny regarding practices and procedures. Jon D. Kurtz, LLC and partners enjoy a proven record of assessing Departments in terms of compliance with local, state, and federal statutes, court precedents and mandates, and industry best practices and accreditation standards. Scope of work and recommendations are tailored to each department based upon potential effect to the agency, its personnel, and the community served.

Security: Focused primarily on large event and location security, Jon D. Kurtz, LLC and partners possess extensive experience in providing threat and security assessments at stadiums, arenas, conference centers, and other large venues. Attuned to the latest in industry standards and the changing threats posed to life and property, we will provide a blueprint for bolstering the security of your event or locale.

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Should you be interested in discussing the benefits that Jon D. Kurtz, LLC can provide to you or your agency/business, please utilize the email, telephone, or contact page provided. Specific information regarding past law enforcement and security consultations will only be provided to those with appropriate legal standing, clearance, and need/right to know.