Upcoming Courses 2019/20

February-May 2020

Algebraic Geometry and Rationality problems

Michele Bolognesi (University of Montpellier) and Gian Pietro Pirola (Pavia)

Algebra and Geometry

March 2020

Evolutionary PDEs in continuum modeling

Pavel Krejci (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Analysis and Mathematical Physics

March 23 - April 24, 2020

Introduction to coercive inequalities with applications in analysis and probability theory

Boguslaw Zegarlinski (Pure Mathematics Professor at Imperial College London)


March - May, 2020

Introduction to Algebraic varieties

Juan Carlos Naranjo

(Universitat de Barcelona)


April 20 – May 22, 2020

Optimal Control of Parabolic Equations

Juergen Sprekels (WIAS, Berlin)


February to April 2020

Knotted Fields

Renzo Ricca (Milano-Bicocca)

Mathematical Physics

March/April 2020

Variational methods for semilinear elliptic equations

Veronica Felli and Simone Secchi (Milano-Bicocca)


March - May 2020

First lecture: Thu 5 March

Topics from the Gaussian world (webpage of the course)

Francesco Caravenna and Maurizia Rossi (Milano-Bicocca)


Spring 2020

Harmonic Analysis

Gabriella Kuhn, Alessandro Monguzzi, Giancarlo Travaglini (Milano-Bicocca)


First half of 2020

Some problems in the Calculus of Variations

Arrigo Cellina (Milano-Bicocca)


October to December 2019

Topics in Geometric Group Theory

Francesco Matucci (Milano-Bicocca)


Courses in 2018/2019

December 2018/February 2019

Schedule: Tuesdays, from 4/12/18 to 26/2/19 at 10:30-12:30

An introduction to the theory of currents

Pavia, Department of Mathematics, Aula Seminari (C13)

Andrea Marchese (Università di Pavia)


January 2019

Schedule: January 28, 29, 31 and February 1, at h.11 -13 (lessons) and h.15-16 (exercises).

Toric Geometry and Mirror Symmetry

Michela Artebani (Universidad de Concepcion Chile)


January 2019

Schedule: January 21, 22, 24, 25, at h.11 -13 (lessons) and h.15-16 (exercises).

Cox Rings

Antonio Laface (Universidad de Concepcion Chile)


April-May 2019

Symmetric spaces of non-compact type

Francesco Bonsante (Pavia)


April-May 2019

First half of 2019

Some problems in the Calculus of Variations

Arrigo Cellina (Milano-Bicocca)

Location: Room 3014, 3rd floor, Dept. Mathematics, Università Milano Bicocca, Via Cozzi 55, 20126 Milano

Schedule (first week):

  • Tuesday 5 March 2019, 9.00-11.00
  • Friday 8 March 2019, 9.00-11.00


April - June 2019

Wave Motion and Mathematical Modelling

Roberto Camassa (University of North Carolina) and Giovanni Ortenzi (Milano-Bicocca)

Mathematical Physics

Schedule (room 3014, Math Dept. Milano-Bicocca):

  • Wednesday 29 May, 10:00 - 13:00
  • Wednesday 5 - 12 - 19 June, 14:00 - 17:00

Possible additional lectures will be agreed with students

April - June 2019

Schedule: Thursdays 14:00-17:00, starting April 4 until June 13 (about 8-10 lectures)

An introduction to Regularity Structures

Francesco Caravenna (Milano-Bicocca)

Probability and Analysis

March - April 2019

An introduction to kinetic theory

Schedule (Aula Beltrami, Math. Dep. Pavia):

Mer 6 marzo ore 9-11 Gio 7 marzo ore 11-13Mar 12 marzo ore 15-16Mer 13 marzo ore 16-18Gio 14 marzo ore 11-13Mar 19 marzo ore 15-16Mer 20 marzo ore 9-11Gio 21 marzo ore 11-13Mar 26 marzo ore 15-16Mer 27 marzo ore 16-18Gio 28 marzo ore 11-13Mar 2 aprile ore 15-16Mer 3 aprile ore 9-11Mar 8 aprile ore 16-18Mer 9 aprile ore 16-18Gio 10 aprile ore 16-18

Francesco Salvarani (Pavia)

Mathematical Physics

May 6-24, 2019 (tentative)

Foundations of computer-aided geometric design and modeling

Thomas Takacs (JKU Linz)

Numerical Analysis

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