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What is SGA?

The purpose of the Student Government Association of Texas A&M University-Kingsville is to enhance the quality of student life by committing ourselves to service and engaging our fellow students. Student Government serves as the voice of the student body in the affairs of the university. 

TLDR; SGA representatives are the voice of other students through advocacy, serving on university committees, holding meetings, events, and traveling on behalf of the student body. 


Meet bi-weekly or the 1st and 2nd week of every month. The meetings will be held in the Javelina Dining Hall - 200. For more information or accommodations, contact us. 


SGA retreats are exciting ways to both learn and have fun. 


When in SGA there is always an adventure awaiting. 


SGA socials are times to enjoy one-self and also a great way to interact with other students.  

Eligibility Requirements

Legislative Positions

Requirements for Legislative Positions (Class Senator, College Senator, Etc)

Executive Positions

Requirements for Exec. Positions (President, VP, Chief of Staff,  or Other Appointed Exec Position)

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch of SGA is compromised by the Judicial Court, which decides questions regarding the interpretation, legislation, and elections. Any student may file an appeal with the Court in such cases as election violations.

Judicial Positions

Chief Justice, Vice Chief Justice, and Associate Justice


Contact via email at for any questions or concerns.