How it all started...  Several years ago I decided to get into yet another hobby, and purchased a small hobby level diode laser engraver.
I had alot of fun with this unit, it helped me learn about the engraving process and let me have yet another way to get the creative juices flowing.

Those diode based lasers can be had fairly cheap, but they are limited in power which makes them engrave very slowly.
I quickly grew impatient with the time needed to engrave items, so that lead to my next purchase.
A 100W (closer to 60W) CO2 Gantry Laser. These typically cost many thousands of dollars, but I found a deal on a no name made in China version and took the leap.
After a few upgrades it has proven to be a great unit and over the next several years I really started to crank out some interesting pieces with it.
This gave me the capability to engrave MUCH faster, and even cut wood items about 3mm to 5mm thick.

The CO2 Laser was an incredible upgrade over the diode laser, but one main limitation it had that I wanted to explore,  engraving on metals.
So then came the JPT 60W Mopa Fiber Laser.
This laser has the ability to engrave many different types of metal, and can engrave even faster than the Co2 Gantry Laser.
This let me start exploring the use of brass coins, faster photo engraves on tile, slate and acrylic.
With the addition of branching off into more functional and personalized items such as aluminum business cards, name plates, keychains,  tumblers, etc.