About Us

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson is an award winning Teacher, Programmer, and Electrical Engineer. She is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Villanova University. Christine co-founded Johnson Software Solutions over 10 years ago. Christine has built many of the content management systems that Johnson Software Solutions (a.ka. JohnsonWebApps) has deployed. Christine's most recent projects include a crowd funding site with WePay integration, a SAAS(Software As A Service) application, and an e-commerce application with customer based pricing. She is teaching Computer Science in a Technical High School. Christine also has vast project management experience from holding engineering and project management positions from EMC Corp and Massachusetts Electric Co.(now National Grid).

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson has been a programmer for over 20 years. He graduated from Widener University. He started Johnson Software Solutions over 14 years ago with the goal of building great applications at affordable prices. In addition to his work at Johnson Software Solutions He is currently the Head of Digital Transformation and SVP of Digital Application Development & Delivery at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company, where he is leading a 170-250 person Digital Transformation organization. He is responsible for technology strategy and execution for Customer Facing Web and Mobile Applications, Platform Engineering, Front End Engineering, API & Microservice Development, Product Management, Product Ownership, and Relationship Management functions. He is a key driver of the Cloud strategy. Chris is driving development teams to adopt cloud based architecture. Driving learning, building, and operating in a continuous delivery mode in the Cloud (AWS). Directly hired over 60 Full stack Engineers..