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Mayoral Run-off Debate

Featuring candidates Wayne Williams and Yemi Mobolade

April 27th at 6:30pm, hosted by The Road @ Chapel Hills, Salem Media, and Church Voter Guides.

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Victory for Yemi!

In a landmark moment for our city, Yemi Mobolade has emerged as the winner of the 2023 Colorado Springs Mayoral Run-off election. Making history as our first black mayor, his victory marks a significant step forward in our ongoing pursuit of diversity and inclusion in local leadership.

Mobolade's election as the 42nd mayor and the third Strong Mayor demonstrates his ability to lead and govern effectively. His experience and dedication to public service have earned him the trust and support of the community.

As we embark on this new chapter under Mayor Mobolade's leadership, we anticipate a renewed focus on addressing the challenges facing our city and fostering a more inclusive environment for all residents. With his historic win, we can look forward to a more diverse and representative leadership that reflects the values of Colorado Springs.

We extend our congratulations to Mayor Yemi Mobolade and look forward to the positive impact his leadership will have on our community.

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YEMI's Big Lead in Mayor Race

Yemi Mobolade is the clear frontrunner in the Colorado Springs mayoral run-off, but there is still a possibility that his competitor, Wayne Williams, may receive the official support of some of the other candidates. This means that while Mobolade has a strong lead, the race is not over and voters must remain diligent. It is important to consider each candidate's values and qualifications, and to stay informed about any developments in the race. Ultimately, the outcome of this election will have a significant impact on the future of Colorado Springs, and it is essential that voters make their voices heard through their vote.

Huge win for tops

As a strong supporter of Trails and Open Space I want to personally thank the voters for their overwhelming support of the TOPS increase. This is vital to the continued preservation of our open spaces and the maintenance of our public parks. 

Ballot Returns Low

So far ballot returns remain pretty low with District 1 leading the way. 

  • District 1 - 22%
  • District 3 - 20.3%
  • District 5 - 20.1%
  • District 2 - 17.4%
  • District 6 - 16.8%
  • District 4 - 9.9%

Live Map View

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Ballot Error Issues

City Clerk says errors on the ballots are leading to a lot of problems but there are some simple solutions.

Contact the Clerk's Office if you think you may have had errors.

City Clerk's Office at (719) 385-5901, option 4, or email elections@coloradosprings.gov.

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403 Fire Concerns

Several residents effected by the 403 Fire, still in progress, claim they never got the evacuation notice. Officials contribute to complications with their postal address.

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Mayoral Run-Off Near Certain

With 12 candidates running to replace current Mayor John Suthers, officials in Colorado Springs are anticipating a mayoral election runoff in May. To avoid a runoff, a candidate needs to secure at least 50% plus one vote in the April 4 election. However, City Clerk Sarah Johnson is expecting a runoff due to the likelihood that "votes will be spread so thin among the 12 candidates that no one will reach, or frankly, probably even come close to 50%". While ballots have already been dispatched for the April 4 election, if a runoff is required, Johnson's office will mail out additional ballots on April 21.   Full Article Here

Race for District 3

Scott Hiller, a candidate in District 3, announces his priorities in controversial email blast and Sixty35Media explores the mayoral campaigns for out-of-state financial donations.    See Full Article Here

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Uintah Apartments project withdrAWNawn

According to the article, the developer has withdrawn a proposal to build a low-income apartment complex on Uintah. The project had encountered resistance from residents of the area, who raised worries about traffic, safety, and property prices. The article highlights that the decision to withdraw the project has left numerous low-income families in the region without suitable housing options, and urges for greater initiatives to tackle the problem of affordable housing in the community.    Full Article

SOS Westside Community Center

The Westside Community Center, located in Colorado Springs, has been a crucial establishment in promoting social, educational, and cultural opportunities for residents in the local area. The center functions as a central hub for engaging in activities such as youth programs, senior services, and fitness classes. Given the significant impact that the center has had on the community, it is essential to preserve and rejuvenate this institution. Through investing in the Westside Community Center, we can ensure that it will continue to serve as a crucial resource for generations to come, improving the quality of life, promoting community cohesion, and instilling a sense of pride in the local community.   See Website

12 Mayor Candidates 2023

A dozen candidates for Colorado Springs Mayor have successfully made it onto the ballot. The election is scheduled for April 4 and also includes a ballot question tied to TOPS, three at-large City Council seats, and the unexpired term for City Council District 3.

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The founder and co-owner of Club Q has revealed that the club will reopen at the same location later this year. Additionally, Michael Anderson, the sole surviving bartender from the tragic incident, who is 25 years old, has stated that the community will come back even stronger than before.

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Hundreds attend Town Hall

Council Member Nancy Henjum from District 5 organized a town hall meeting that attracted a massive audience, with hundreds of citizens packing the auditorium and several others being unable to gain entry. The primary focus of the meeting was on East/West mobility through the Constitution corridor. While some participants expressed their support for conducting a study to evaluate the potential impact of developments, the majority were against it. The meeting highlighted significant concerns regarding safety issues linked to school crossings, possible increases in noise and air pollution, and the likelihood of a detrimental effect on property values.

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City Council recently voted on a controversial measure that has the potential to limit future annexations and developments inside Colorado Springs. The original proposal was for the city to demonstrate that it had at least 130% water needed before annexation could be considered. The council instead voted in favor of an amended proposal brought forth by Council Member Dave Donelson of District 1.

Opponents to the measure say will give too much control to only one developer and worry that it will lead to a monopoly on future Colorado Springs development.

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