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Mayoral Run-Off Near Certain

Colorado Springs officials are anticipating a runoff mayoral election in May as 12 candidates are running to succeed current Mayor John Suthers. A candidate must receive 50% plus one vote in the April 4 election to avoid a runoff. City Clerk Sarah Johnson expects a runoff as "votes will be spread so thin among the 12 candidates that no one will reach, or frankly, probably even come close to 50%". Ballots have already been mailed for the April 4 election, and if a runoff happens, Johnson's office will mail out ballots on April 21.   Full Article Here

Race for District 3

Scott Hiller, a candidate in District 3, announces his priorities in controversial email blast and Sixty35Media explores the mayoral campaigns for out-of-state financial donations.    See Full Article Here

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Uintah Apartments project withdrAWNawn

The article reports that a proposed development project for a low-income apartment complex on Uintah has been withdrawn by the developer. The project had faced opposition from local residents who expressed concerns over traffic congestion, safety, and property values. The article notes that the withdrawal of the project has left many low-income families in the area without access to affordable housing, and calls for increased efforts to address the issue of affordable housing in the community.    Full Article

12 Mayor Candidates 2023

A dozen candidates for Colorado Springs Mayor have successfully made it onto the ballot. The election is scheduled for April 4 and also includes a ballot question tied to TOPS, three at-large City Council seats, and the unexpired term for City Council District 3.

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The founder and co-owner of Club Q announced the club would re-open at the same location later this year. 

Michael Anderson, 25 years old, the only surviving bartender from that night also said its community will be back stronger than before.

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Hundreds attend Town Hall

Hundreds of citizens piled into the auditorium for the town hall meeting hosted by the Council Member from District 5, Nancy Henjum, and still even more were turned away. The focus of the meeting was on East/West mobility through the Constitution corridor. Most who spoke were opposed to any developments while some were in favor of a study to see its impacts.

Concerns included school-crossing safety, noise and air pollution, and lower property values. 

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City Council recently voted on a controversial measure that has the potential to limit future annexations and developments inside Colorado Springs. The original proposal was for the city to demonstrate that it had at least 130% water needed before annexation could be considered. The council instead voted in favor of an amended proposal brought forth by Council Member Dave Donelson of District 1.

Opponents to the measure say will give too much control to only one developer and worry that it will lead to a monopoly on future Colorado Springs development.

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