Jaymen Johnson 2023

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Jaymen C Johnson, is a 42 year old entrepreneur and community advocate who has resided in Colorado Springs for over 23 years. The majority of that time he has resided in District 3 on Colorado Springs Southside.

District 3 is one of Colorado Springs' largest and most diverse districts covering an area that encompasses the downtown, Cheyenne Mountain, and Bear Creek regions.  Jaymen values the unique perspective this region provides being home to some of the city's wealthiest and most impoverished neighborhoods.  Boasting both the Broadmoor and a strong military middle class.

Jaymen has spent the last 10 years being heavily involved in local politics attending nearly every Council meeting since 2015. He has addressed delegates and legislative committees in multiple municipalities throughout the state and abroad including Colorado Springs, Manitou, Denver, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. Jaymen's time both advocating and attending city functions has given him greater insight and a passion for the governmental process.

His 'Common Council Philosophy' suggests that many of us posses the practical skills necessary to function on City Council; including balancing and prioritizing budgets, weighing benefits over risk,  and assessing the ethical and economical ramifications based on the information provided by credible experts. He asserts that it is more pertinent to elect delegates that more accurately represent you and your interests and who are more fully capable of understanding and respecting how their decisions affect your families, communities, and neighborhoods. This requires the opportunity for more council candidates that more accurate reflect the social positioning of their constituents. (for more)

He is committed to bridging the disconnect between Council and constituent. Creating a more comprehensive and inclusive dais representing all social classes and walks of life. Jaymen has spent the last decade refining both his political perspective and his education in all facets of city matters from water rights to land acquisitions, and all manners of public interest.  Jaymen Johnson is a strong proponent for complete transparency. He understands that when you put on the team colors you accept the track records of wins and losses. "We" will take accountability because "we" did do this. There will be no passing the buck onto the previous council.

Jaymen is a ardent advocate for the regions' parks, trails, and open spaces considering them the crown jewels of the city. He will fight to protect our public lands from being allocated by private entities on the behalf of special interests.

Please support Jaymen C. Johnson for At-Large City Council, Colorado Springs Elections 2023


Attainable, affordable, and sustainable housing is the number one problem we face as a city today. The city is becoming too expensive for young families and those on fixed incomes such as the elderly.  Meanwhile new homes are consistently being built in our ever expanding boundaries. 

I will seek developer based solutions and will reign in sprawl with required infill while preserving the characteristics of our historic neighborhoods.


Small businesses are the back bone of our communities and our nation's economy. As economic stressors rise all of society leans more and more on the small business owner to provide jobs, practical solutions, and crucial services while keeping costs low and manage the ever increasing overhead.  

I understand the challenges facing small business owners today and will help to establish innovative new solutions.


Colorado Springs boasts one of the nation's best regions for both parks and open spaces with hundreds of miles of scenic hiking trails. I will stop the city from continuing to selling our city's greatest attractions to private entities and advocate for greater budgets for park maintenance within the city.

I will champion that all acquisitions of city parks be brought to a public vote only after being vetted through TOPS with a first right of refusal.


VOtE ✔ Jaymen Johnson At-Large City Council

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A story about my Grandma

I have an unusual name but growing up in the 80's and 90s it was popular to have personalized swag. Bike plates, jackets, pens, etc.  Seemed everywhere you went there was a rack with some sort of personalized souvenir and in every name imaginable but mine. It used to frustrate me to no end. I felt really left out and I didn't even want to go by name anymore. I went by Jay, James, and JJ. I didn't see my Grandma often but on holidays and she always had some home craft gift for me. Well one Christmas she gave me a homemade duffle bag. It was my favorite color and right there on the side was my name. J-A-Y-M-E-N....my name on something no one else had or ever would. I don't how she knew but she always did and throughout my life my Grandma instinctively knew what I needed and when I was in distress. It was her superpower. She could always sense a disturbance in the family and she never failed to respond. I hope I have more of her in me than I imagined. The world needs more of that magic.

I miss you Grandma, save me a seat...just put my name on it