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John Robinson & Figub Brazlevic

We are thrilled to share with you the upcoming release of Live Life And Tell Stories, the new album by Figub Brazlevic & John Robinson set to release in the spring of 2023.
This album is a celebration of John Robinson’s love for storytelling, which has been evident since he was a child, and his passion for hearing the epic storytelling of his favorite emcees of the golden era of hip hop. The connection between Figub Brazlevic and John Robinson is far from just another international internet collaboration. The two met in 2009 during Robinson’s first tour in Germany. Shortly after, Figub remixed J.R. ‘s group Scienz Of Life’s Leviathan album out of love and respect for their music.

These yet to be released remixes impressed J.R. and his SOL crew, and he knew he would work together with Figub in the future. That time has come, and the message is clear: Live Life And Tell Stories is a seamless blend of Robinson’s thought-provoking narratives and Brazlevic’s abstract jazzy boom-bap soundscapes.

This album promises to take listeners on a sonic journey of dope grooves and ill storytelling, where Robinson’s unique storytelling abilities are masterfully interwoven with Brazlevic’s jazzy, boom-bap beats. From start to finish, Live Life and Tell Stories is sure to captivate audiences and keep them grooving to its infectious beats. In an era where the music industry is dominated by short-lived trends, it is refreshing for two seasoned artists to come together to create music that is both timeless and meaningful. This album is a perfect example of what can happen when artists come together to create something truly unique.


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Muzik Minded


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About JR

The key to balancing the business and creative sides of hip-hop is to not separate them at all, and the product for John Robinson is a decades-long career as a creator, label-runner, educator, author, and then some.

Young JR witnessed a classmate’s parents show and tell about their International musical endeavors in elementary school in Queens and this pivotal moment gave Robinson his first inflection point in a life of hip-hop. Soon after, he started making his poems and rhymes with friends. Robinson grew up in the tri-state area (The Bronx, to Queens, to Jersey, to be more specific) and in the mid '90s began attending showcases as Lil’ Sci of Scienz of Life—a group with his brother ID 4 Windz and their late comrade Inspector Willabee. Scienz of Life caught the ear of Bobbito—of New York radio’s legendary Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show—who helped release Robinson and Scienz of Life’s music through Fondle ‘Em Records.

JR and Scienz Of Life officially connected with MF DOOM, who was a label mate via Bobbito's Fondle ‘Em Records as he made his turn to the Masked Villain at the time. This re-connection happened outside of Atlanta’s grimy and legendary MJQ in 1999 and soon after Robinson and Scienz of Life relocated down South. There, JR and Scienz of Life posted up in a loft outside of ATL making cold calls to record stores and radio shows, learning website and graphic design as well as many other indie music related business tasks I.E. designing merchandise and promotional materials, all while performing and making music--encompassing the true customs of an independent artist.

Robinson moved to Los Angeles right before the percolation of LA’s lo-fi beat scene in 2003. Work with Emanon (Exile and Aloe Blacc), Blu, Carlos Niño, Ras G,  Ta’Raach and more through independent label Shaman Work Recordings helped round Robinson’s professional catalog in front of and behind the scenes. All the while, Robinson has released dozens of solo and collaborative projects over the last 25 years.