The working class candidate for the 5th Congressional District. Please consider my platform.

1. Taxes from Social Security, should go into a fund, and never be spent by the government, except for Social Security payments. The program is only in danger due to bipartisan mismanagement. There is a better path forward.

2. I will never seek an increase in the national debt. The debt needs to be tackled immediately. I also feel, that the US. Constitution needs a balanced budget amendment. It is unfair that we are saddling the next generation with so much debt.

3. We need respect for law and order as well as respect for civil rights; and neither need to be exclusive. We should always seek more efficient utilization of law enforcement while fostering better community relations. Law and order keeps us safe: So do civil rights.

4. We are all one race - the human race. We should focus on what we have in common and work together to make our country a more tolerant place. Frankly, I am so tired of the politically correct crowd dividing us into opposing groups. All human DNA is 99.5 % the same. Let’s teach that, instead of division.

5. Our own government has always been the biggest threat to our liberty. Federal authorities should stay out of our e-mail, stop recording our web browsing history, and listening to our phone calls. I oppose government trying to interfere with free speech on the internet. We must always seek to protect American liberties. Let’s reassert the rights of the citizenry.

6. I will only support judges, who will strictly interpret the Constitution and never try to legislate from the bench. The Constitution has protected us for a long time. Let us not be the cursed generation, which destroys it. At present our fragile republic is under threat: Especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. We have not enjoyed the privacy protections of the 4th Amendment for quite some time.

7. We imprison more people, than any other country. Much of this is due to the failed war on drugs. We need to rethink the problem. I support medical intervention for drug addicts instead of incarceration. There is a difference between an addict and a criminal. I support the end of cannabis prohibition on the national level.

8. The higher your taxes the less freedom that you have. I will never seek to increase the burden of taxation on the people. We need better utilization of our revenues and our resources. We are all overtaxed. Let’s get the government off our back.

9. The world is a dangerous place, and we need to be prepared to defend American liberties. I will support a strong military and seek to reduce wasteful spending at the same time. We should always seek peace, while prepared for war. I strongly support, putting our veterans first in line for government jobs. They have made a unique sacrifice.

10. High political office has become the province of the wealthy. The working class have been marginalized. This is not, what the framers of our Constitution envisioned. The system is broken: Let’s fix it together.

I mean business: Please support me in my campaign for Congress.