John G. Hardy Research Group

Welcome to the website of John G. Hardy and his Research Group

  • We are smart creative people who develop materials for a variety of technical and medical applications (and specialise in those that interact with electricty, light and magnetism).
  • Our highly interdisciplinary research involves a combination of expertise in chemistry, materials science, pharmacy and biomedical engineering.
  • We are particularly interested in bioelectronics (e.g. conducting polymers) and biophotonics for regenerative medicine.
  • We are driven to translate our intellectual property to the market to obtain the maximum impact (economic, environmental, health, societal) from our efforts.
  • We are highly collaborative and enjoy interacting with academics, charities, industry and the public sector (e.g. NHS).

Research Culture

We develop smart materials (often polymer-based), and specialise in those that interact with electricity, light and magnetism. We enjoy the highly interdisciplinary nature of our research (projects typically involve chemistry, biology, engineering and physics), and partnerships with industry and the NHS are frequent, productive and warmly welcomed. We believe that diversity is an important factor in the success of society and warmly welcome researchers in all diversity groups from the UK and overseas.

Engagement and Collaboration with Industry

We enjoy working with industrial partners to assist in the development and understanding of materials for a variety of technical and biomedical applications. We have years of experience in chemistry (analytical, materials, polymers, synthesis), engineering (biomedical, chemical), materials science and pharmacy. We offer access to a range of excellent equipment and the expertise to analyse the resulting data. We are happy to plan projects openly discussing the range and scope of deliverables to suit our partners needs. We offer opportunities for both short and long term collaborative work (evidenced by conference presentations, intellectual property, publications in the scientific literature, and technical notes, with our industrial partners). Interactions with industrial partners take a variety of forms including consultancy or governmentally supported competitive grants: Konfer, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, collaborative research grants supported by Research Councils UK, etc. The contractual and financial arrangements are managed by the Business Partnerships and Enterprise Team at Lancaster University, typically via our Business Partnership Managers.


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