I have taught a wide range of modules at UCL, Warwick, and Oxford. Modules I have taught include: Normative Ethics, Metaethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Logic, Epistemology & Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science, and Early Modern Philosophy.

In May 2016 I was awarded the Post-Graduate Award in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, granting me Associate Fellow status of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

This year at Jesus College, I will provide tutorial teaching for the following modules:

Prelims: Introduction to Logic

101: Early Modern Philosophy (Revision Classes)

102: Knowledge & Reality

107: Philosophy of Religion

108: The Philosophy of Logic and Language

Jim Pryor (NYU) has some useful advice for students on how to read and write philosophy papers.

Undergraduate students might also wish to look at the journal Think which publishes articles with undergraduates and non-specialists in mind. Philosophy Compass is similar, but with an emphasis on survey articles.

Students who have trouble formatting their bibliographies and references might find this document useful.