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Jobs for Felons - The Facts about Companies that Hire Ex offenders and Felons (The Real Deal) - How to use the list of companies that hire felons. You can search for open jobs in your area or scroll down for a huge list of companies that hire felons. How to make the best use of this list. Where to get the best resources and information that will lead to a job and put you criminal record behind you

Tips to help felons get jobs Know what is in your criminal record. You must be honest when filling out applications. Get a well written resume if you don't know how to write one, find some to help you. Get three references. Find three upstanding people in your community who will say something in your favor. Get professional interview clothing. You must look like a professional whenever you interview. Find good leads for jobs. You can find job leads and other assistance at your local One-stop Career Center.

A bond is an insurance policy issued by an agency that protects an employer against money or property loss due to employee dishonesty. Certain convictions make many ex-felons ineligible for private bonding.

The Federal Bonds are provided by the Department of Labor and issued for those who are unable to be obtain private bonds. Bond are issued at no cost to the employer or the employee and may be an incentive to hire an applicant. Criminal records become less of a concern to employers if they know that they are protected from loss of money or property due to theft. An applicant can be bonded the same day the job offer is made. You can get more information about the Federal Bonding Program here:

This is simply the best list of companies that hire felons.

Check out our huge list of companies that hire felons. Included in this list are companies who have pledged to have fair hiring practices. Here you may find some of the highest paid jobs for felons.

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