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JoAnne Strickland

Instructor of Computer Science

Office: Batmale 467

Phone: (707) 260-5622


50 Phelan Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94112

Computer Science And Beyond!

Teaching Schedule Fall 2018

CS150A SQL (two sections) Monday 6:00 pm and Friday 10:10 am Batmale 301

CS160B Unix/Linux Shell Scripting Online 10/22/2018-12/20/2018

CS132 Ruby Programming Online

Teaching Schedule Spring 2018

CS150A SQL Monday 6-8:50 pm Batmale 301 Syllabus

This course is a first course in the Structured Query Language (SQL), mySQL and NoSQL. You are expected to know how to use a computer for basic tasks including e-mail and browsing the world wide web, but no further background in computers is assumed. It is a course in the use of the mySQL database management system to create, update, and query database tables.

CS112 Iphone Programming Online Syllabus

This course provides a hands on, project based curriculum for first-time programmers to learn the very basics of computer programming using the Swift language. Students will learn how to use variables, basic logic, and simple Object Oriented Programming to create working apps.

Greetings! I am an adjunct instructor at CCSF, teaching classes in Computer Science, specializing in databases and programming. I have been working with creating and maintaining applications for over twenty years and I am excited to share with you the experiences and knowledge I have gained.Information Technology consists of many in demand career fields and application development skills are highly desired by companies in every industry.

My Education: I received a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia, a Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems, a Masters in Computer Science and a General Studies Degree from Piedmont Virginia Community College. I am currently working on Masters in Mathematics/Statistics . I love to learn, as you can probably tell, and am always taking classes. Currently I teach and do computer consulting for a wide variety of industries.

My Passions: My hobby is writing, whether it be novels, short stories and screenplays. I also love to spend time with my children and pets. I also like to travel by train, taking in nature and exquisite scenery across country.

My Hopes and Purpose: My hope is that you can find the passion and excitement that I find in learning computer related skills. The field of information technologyand computer science is so wide that there is a successful career for every interest and personality. No matter what industry or career path you follow, data exists, waiting for its secrets to be told. As it is said, people and information are a company’s most valuable assets. My only purpose at CCSF is to help you become successful in your course of study and in future careers, so please call on me anytime you have questions, need help with assignments or just want to talk about technology. Let’s do digital together!