John Lyman

Welcome to the Intersection of Innovation and Imagination

About Me

Hi there! I'm John Lyman, an educational psychologist and master of instructional design deeply fascinated by the power of educational technology to transform learning. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning across diverse cultures and a passion for music that pulses through my life, I bring a unique, multi-dimensional approach to education.

By day, I merge my expertise in developmental psychology with the latest in technological advancements to craft immersive, tech-forward educational experiences. By night, I trade algorithms for melodies, playing bass with my band, Starmy, and exploring the harmonies that interweave life and learning.

This digital space is my open studio - a gallery of projects, a symphony of ideas, and a window into the classroom of tomorrow. Whether you're here to explore potential collaborations, or just to satiate your curiosity about the fusion of education and technology with a dash of creativity, I'm glad you stopped by.

Dive in and let's discover how we can shape the future of learning together.

My Portfolio

Welcome to my professional showcase, where I merge my passion for educational psychology with advanced instructional design. With over two decades of experience, I've dedicated my career to enhancing learning experiences through technology and innovative teaching methods. My work focuses on creating engaging, effective educational environments that cater to diverse learning styles and needs.

My Toolbox

In my pursuit of creating dynamic and effective educational experiences, I rely on a variety of professional tools and methodologies. Here’s an overview of my main tools and the techniques I apply in my instructional design work.

My Publications

My journey in educational psychology and instructional design is not only about implementing and teaching but also about contributing to academic and professional literature. Below are some of my publications that reflect my dedication to research and innovation in education.

My Reviews

In this section, I'm honored to share the reviews and testimonials from colleagues, students, and professional peers. These reflections provide insights into the impact of my work and collaborations in the field of educational psychology and instructional design.