JK Payroll

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Customized to your needs

Whether you need full-service payroll or just tax filing, we're here to help! See pricing tab for more info.

Full Service

Just enter hours, click approve payroll and print out the ready checks, or wait for the direct deposit. We'll do everything for you!

Tax Filings

Print your own checks and make the required payments to tax agencies (if applicable). Then at end-of-quarter let us know the total payroll and we'll prepare your quarterly and annual tax returns and W-2 forms.

We'll help you set it up initially to run the payroll by yourself. We can even supply you with pay stubs! Ask for details.

See How It Works.

A few simple steps.

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Our Story

We've dealt already with different payroll companies, and we know how difficult it is to deal when you need to make any changes in the payroll. It's sometimes a back-and-forth story until everything settles, and very often you need to make amendments. Then you can be charged literally Hundreds of dollars for the amendments, which would be entirely avoided with more component service!

So we decided to change that, and we do! This is what our loyal clients testify. Ask us for references.

Our specialty

Well, all payroll companies do the same: calculate your withholding, paying your taxes, filing your legal forms and provide reports. We stand out in two main aspects: Quality service and Low rates.

Quality service to us does not mean a rep taking your phone call and transferring your call to another rep with a promise that a manager will call back. We know that stuff. To us service means a knowledgeable person picking up the phone and takes care of your needs right away and the right way!

Low rates to us does not mean so-called "end-year fees" or unexpected rip off prices when you need to amend a return or for some reason you want to terminate our service. You know exactly how much it will cost you, and the rate is cheap too.