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Google Entity Stacking gigs- see the above sheet for more on G drive stacks

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Best PBN Domains Gigs

We combined two gigs to give you best we have used on Konker One is a PBN domain gig is here https://goo.gl/U44Df8 the other is a PBN setup is here https://goo.gl/VTzvhE that includes domain authority stacking too. See the video for this here

Press Releases Get inside GOOGLE NEWS, ABC, FOX, NBC, up to 600 SITES

Video SEO Embeds 230 video embeds in web 2.0 ,3 teirs...

Local SEO Gigs -Citations, Maps,ect.

Google Maps Citations-Hidden Secret Citations good local link juice

Map Embeds 230 Helps you to rank in maps listings.

Google Stack with cloud link This is powerful links for your site

Google Authority Stacking This one includes some domain authority stacking too.

Best Konker Gigs List
Konker SEO

Outsourcing your Customers SEO gives you more time to make sure everything for your customer is correct as they are counting on you to improve their rankings or at least increase their traffic thru marketing, and frees you up to look for more clients. Konker SEO Out sourcing is a newer site (new name,been around awhile) that is for seo marketing services. It was called Source Market (Alex Becker) and now is even more successful. We have had some good results using them and also sell our video embed services there too.

There are some great gigs that make for a good buy, but you must be careful as they are still weeding out the not so good gigs posted by scammers, they usually dont last long, and have bad reviews. Dont let that hold you back. Video SEO Youtube embed gigs, PBN creation,PBN domains and PBN backlinks can be found there along with a load of other services that any seo would be happy to find at a lower cost. Check out the Google slide above to see more about konker IO.

You must sign up to see the gig prices at Konker, you need a paypal account,and registering an acct is free.This site I have found works best in chrome.

Konker seo services

Our list of Konker gigs that work is a work in progress. If you have an outstanding gig please let us know and we will add it to Best Gigs List. We will check out it especially the feedback and star rating

source market review

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