Jaejong Baek

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I am Dr. Jaejong Baek (called jj) , working for SEFCOM/SINE labs and CDF center, Arizona State University as a Postdoc researcher. My research topic focuses on the mobile and wireless network security system like WiFi, Cellular (4G/5G), SDN and Blockchain network. Mostly, I'm trying to find vulnerabilities and countermeasures concerning those radio and security technologies.

Recently, my paper "Wi Not Calling: Practical Privacy and Availability Attacks in Wi-Fi Calling " has been accepted in ACSAC ’18, December 3–7, 2018, San Juan, PR, USA. Wi-Fi Calling, which is used to make and receive calls over the WiFi network, has been widely adopted and deployed to extend the coverage and increase the capacity in weak signal areas by moving traffic from LTE to Wi-Fi networks. In this paper, we analyze the security of Wi-Fi Calling specifications and discover several vulnerabilities that allow an adversary to track the location of users and perform DoS attacks.

Now I am researching for 4G/5G/SDN vulnerabilities regrading privacy or integrity issues and Blockchain technology in physical system like an energy power system.

Welcome any questions and comments whenever*^^*.

jjbaek35 at asu.edu | CV | Github | Google Scholar