JioTV for PC Windows

How to Download Jiotv for pc (Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Mac)

Do you guys love watching TV Shows, Serials, Hindi Movies Of Course , everybody does. But, we didn't be able to find the right application to watch our favorite Shows and Serials. We have a solution.

Do you wanna know what it is? Jio Tv is the solution of your problem. And the most interesting thing is that you can watch it on a wider screen now. Yes, you heard it right. In this article, we will help you with the installation steps of JioTV For PC.

JioTV is a multimedia application that lets you stream video contents from a wide range of TV channels across India.

It offers a vast library of media content, including TV shows, movies, and sports. This app is available for mobile devices so you can stream on the go. JioTV is exclusive for Jio sim users only.

The app is designed For Mobile as mentioned above, but its not interesting to watch your Favorite Shows for on a small screen that is why we wrote this article so that you can enjoy your favorite shows and serials on a wider screen.

The most interesting thing which makes this application attractive are its features.

Features Of JioTV For PC

  • Watch your favorite TV Shows For Free.

  • It offers a plethora of Live Sports such as Cricket, Basketball and Football.

  • You can watch exclusive and live sports on Jio sports channels

  • With a 7 day catchup of your favourite channels never miss a program.

  • At your convenience, pause and play Live channels.

  • In our News tab browse through the top stories of the day.

  • To never miss your episodes mark channels and programs as favorites.

  • In its sports tab one tap for all sports Live/Highlights.

  • Browser the app simultaneously while watching Live TV -by just dragging and docking the player.

  • Choose the quality of the video at which you want the video to be played.

  • By a simple swipe go to the next and previous channel.

So, these are the features of JioTV. Though, there are many more features but we mentioned only few features those were important.

Now, you guys have the reason to install JioTV For PC.

So, what else are you guys looking for? Stay Connected, Stay Entertained!

Download & Install JioTV For PC now!

More To know and Learn About The Jio TV Login -

The jio TV login and its application has taken over the world by storm because it offers the users with so many features and functions altogether and best part about it is that the platform is totally free of cost and fit office the uses so many features like it completely changes the way that the users watch news TV shows movie and entertainment and everything is totally different with the help of the platform and the best part about it is that it is totally free of cost for people and it comes with the wiring to features and functions let's check out some of the features that this app as of India is offering to its users now.

Features/ Functions of the Jio TV Login -

  • The first feature of the jio TV login and start it is multilingual and the users can enjoy their favourite TV shows and enjoy the total application in English as well as Hindi as well as other regional languages throughout India without any trouble of any sort as there are more than 15 languages that the users can enjoy the content into and that's why language does not become a barrier and you will be able to enjoy everything and a really amazing manner.

  • Another feature Jio TV Login is that you can also plan your TV viewing so for instance if you want to watch a certain TV show or a news channel then you can set up a reminder for it and the application will definitely remind you on your mobile phone or tablet and tell you that the TV show is going to be aired and you will be able to watch the content in simple and sophisticated manner anywhere on the go.

  • One more feature of Jio TV Login is that the platform also comes with the mini player and the mini player allows the users to watch their favourite content and also in a mini view aspect so if you are a user who wants to watch the content as well as multi line so this is the best application for you because you will be able to enjoy everything in a mini clear and we all know that YouTube other apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime does not offer this feature but this application offers this feature so that the users can enjoy the platform in a really better manner.

  • Another feature of Jio TV Login is that you can also provide as well as forward your favourite TV shows and movies and news and you will be able to rewind as well as forward up to 30 seconds on the live TV as well and you will be able to watch the content in a really amazing manner and you can also go to the next channel or go to the previous channel with the help of Japan on your screen you can literally swipe back and forth on the player and you will be able to reach to different channels and this is also another amazing feature of this app.