I am a graduate student in Department of Economics at Iowa State University. I expect to graduate in May 2020.

My fields are empirical Industrial Organization, Agricultural Economics, and Applied Microeconometrics. I am particularly interested in demand analysis, Agricultural marketing, and discrete choice modeling.

My current research analyzes individual farmer's choice of soybean seeds, especially how brand loyalty behavior will affect their seed choice and how it would affect the adoption of genetically-engineered seeds at market level.

Email: ljjlexiwan@gmail.com; lexiluo@iastate.edu

My CV is available here.



Pass-through of the policy-induced E85 subsidy: Insights from Hotelling's Model, Energy Economics, accepted, in press. (with GianCarlo Moschini)

Working in progress

Brand loyalty in farmers' seed choices: heterogeneity and state dependence. (with GianCarlo Moschini and Ed Perry)



  • Graduate Math Camp Iowa State University, Summer 2018

Teaching Assistant

Graduate level Iowa State University

  • Econ 672 Econometrics II Spr 16
  • Econ 603 Microeconomics Analysis II Spr 19, Spr 18, Spr 17, Spr 16
  • Econ 601 Microeconomics Analysis I Fall 16, Fall 15
  • Econ 500 Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis Fall 16

Undergraduate level (selected) Iowa State University

  • Econ 416 Industrial Organization Spr 18, Spr 17
  • Econ 371 Introductory Econometrics Fall 15
  • Econ 235 Introduction to Agricultural Markets Fall 17

Teaching Award

  • Teaching Excellent Award Iowa State University, 2015