FRIB Nuclear Astrophysics Connection Hub


FRIB offers unprecedented opportunities in nuclear astrophysics to understand element synthesis and compact stellar objects. Close collaboration between nuclear scientists and astrophysicists will be essential to develop the early experiment proposals that maximize the impact on the field.

JINA-CEE has identified a number of astrophysicists that are interested in contributing to proposal development and would be available to help or to collaborate with nuclear theorists and experimentalists. Feel free to contact them! Young researchers are especially encouraged to take this opportunity to establish research networks.

Astrophysics Contact List:

Almudena Arcones

TU Darmstadt

Expertise: Nucleosynthesis of heavy elements

Jennifer Barnes

Columbia University

Expertise: Kilonova modeling, in particular radiation transport and the energetics of r-process decay

"r-process transients and the connection to nuclear physics"

Ed Brown

Michigan State University

Expertise: Modeling of accreting neutron stars and connections with understanding the dense matter EOS

"Nuclear processes in acceting neutron stars"

Pavel Denisenkov

University of Victoria

Expertise: Numerical simulations of neutron-capture nucleosynthesis at neutron densities intermediate between those characteristic of the s- and r-process

"Theoretical estimates of (n,g) reaction-rate uncertainties for unstable trans-iron isotopes having the strongest impact on the abundances of heavy elements observed in metal-poor stars"

Anna Frebel

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Expertise: Stellar abundance observations

"Cosmo-chronometry with Th, U and Pb"

Carla Fröhlich

North Carolina State University

Expertise: Core collapse supernova nucleosynthesis


"Neutrino p-process; CCSNe, explosive nucleosynthesis"

Chris Fryer

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Expertise: Nucleosynthetic yields from astrophysical transients and tying those yields to NASA observatories

"Gamma Astronomy, Supernovae, and Common Envelopes"

Alex Heger

Monash University

Expertise: Massive star nucleosynthesis and accreting neutron stars

Massive Star Outcomes: Nuclear Astophysics, Stellar Structure and Nuclear Needs

Falk Herwig

University of Victoria

Expertise: Stellar modeling in 1D and 3D, interaction of nucleosynthesis and convection, i process

"Nuclear Data Needs for Convective-Reactive Nucleosynthesis"

Brian Metzger

Columbia University

Expertise: R-process astrophysics and electromagnetic astronomical observables

"Astrophysical Sites of the r-Process"

Jonah Miller

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Expertise: Physics of accretion disks formed by collapsing, rapidly-rotating stars and neutron star mergers and how accurate neutrino physics ties into the nuclear physics and affects observables

"Neutrinos in Compact Accretion Flows "

Matt Mumpower

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Expertise: Nuclear physics of neutron-rich nuclei; r-process simulations

"Fission studies for the r-process"

Marco Pignatari

University of Hull

Expertise: Production of stellar yields by low mass stars and massive stars for galactic chemical evolution, impact studies of nuclear reaction rates and comparisons with observations

"Aligning nuclear experiments with stellar nucleosynthesis with NuGrid"

Sanjay Reddy

Univesity of Washington

Expertise: Many body theory of dense matter, role of neutrinos and dense matter in astrophysics and nucleosynthesis


"Nuclear EOS and low energy response for astrophysics "

Luke Roberts

Michigan State University

Expertise: Neutrino transport in dense matter, the impact of the nuclear physics on core-collapse supernovae and proto-neutron star cooling, and nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers

"The properties of the proto-neutron star neutrino sphere"

Ian Roederer

University of Michigan

Expertise: Deriving stellar abundances of heavy elements produced by the r-process to create a more complete and accurate inventory of the abundance pattern(s) produced by r-process nucleosynthesis events

"FRIB, stars, and r-process elements "

Rebecca Surman

University of Notre Dame

Expertise: r-process nucleosynthesis, including nuclear data sensitivities and uncertainty quantification

"Nuclear data and the interpretation of r-process observables"

Frank Timmes

Arizona State University

Expertise: Stellar and nuclear astrophysics, and community-driven open software instruments

"Stellar Modeling Services for New FRIB Reaction Rate Measurements "

Nicole Vassh

University of Notre Dame

Expertise: Impact of nuclear properties of neutron-rich rare-earth nuclides and the fissioning actinides on r-process observables

"Impact of examining neutron-rich lanthanides and pushing the bounds into neutron-rich actinides on r-process nucleosynthesis calculations "

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