Jie M. Zhang (张洁)

Lecturer (Assistant Professor), King's College London, UK.

Email: jie.zhang@kcl.ac.uk     

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Office: Bush House, Strand Campus, 30 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BG, UK

Research Interest

My research focus is to connect software engineering research and AI research to improve trustworthiness. Most recently, I have been working on improving the trustworthiness of machine translation systems (ICSE 2022, ICSE 2020), programming language translation (ICLR 2022),  Question  answering software (ASE 2022), and the fairness of general ML classifiers (ICSE 2024, FSE 2022, FSE 2021, ICSE 2021). For an overview of the vision and literature of software testing techniques for machine learning software, please refer to our survey on Machine Learning Testing (TSE 2020). Please also check our recent vision paper for an overview and vision of LLMs for software engineering.

Before joining King's College London,  I was a research fellow at University College London working with Professor Mark Harman and Professor Federica Sarro. I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science from Peking University, China. My Phd advisors are Professor Lu Zhang and Professor Dan Hao.


Research Experience

Research Fellow | March, 2019May, 2022 | CREST, UCL, UK | Supervisor : Prof. Mark Harman and Prof. Federica Sarro

Research Associate | February, 2018December, 2018 | CREST, UCL, UK | Supervisor : Prof. Mark Harman and Prof. Earl Barr

PHD student | Sep, 2015 – June, 2018 | GOSTA, Peking University, China | Supervisor : Prof. Lu Zhang and Prof. Dan Hao

Intern | June,2017-December, 2017 | Software Analysis group, Microsoft Research Asia, China | Mentor: Shi Han

Visiting student | Sep, 2016–Dec, 2016 | CREST, University College London, UK | Supervisor : Mark Harman

Honors and Awards

2018 Outstanding PHD Graduate Award, Peking University

2017 Top-ten Research Excellence Award, EECS, Peking University

2016 Fellowship at Microsoft Research Asia

2016 Lee Wai Wing Scholarship at Peking University

2015 National Scholarship

2015 Award for Scientific Research

2014 Learning Scholarship at Peking University

2014 Award for Scientific Research

2014 Innovation Award at Peking University

2013 Learning Excellence Award at Peking University