Jie Zhang (张洁)

Research Associate, CREST, UCL, UK.

Ph.D candicate, Software Engineering Institute, Peking University, China.

Email: jie.zhang the-at-symbol pku.edu.cn jie.zhang the-at-symbol ucl.ac.uk

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  • I have started my Research Associate position at CREST, UCL.
  • I have passed my phd thesis pre-defense.
  • One paper accepted by Mutation 2018: "To Detect Abnormal Program Behaviours via Mutation Deduction"
  • Our journal extension, Predictive Mutation Testing, is accepted by TSE
  • I have won the 2017 Top-ten Research Excellence Award, EECS, Peking University

Research Interest

I mainly work on software testing, such as mutation testing, metamorphic testing, and regression testing. I am especially interested in using the methodology of mutation testing to solve various software engineering problems. Additionally, I also have interests in program analysis, end-user programming, and API mining.

My supervisor in Peking University is Prof. Lu Zhang. My supervisors in CREST, UCL are Earl Barr and Mark Harman.

Major Research Experience

PHD student | Sep, 2015 – Present | GOSTA, Peking University, China | Supervisor : Lu Zhang

Intern | June,2017-December, 2017 | Software Analysis group, Microsoft Research Asia, China | Mentor: Shi Han

Visiting student | Sep, 2016–Dec, 2016 | CREST, University College London, UK | Supervisor : Mark Harman

Honors and Awards

2017 Top-ten Research Excellence Award, EECS, Peking University

2016 Fellowship at Microsoft Research Asia

2016 Lee Wai Wing Scholarship at Peking University

2015 National Scholarship

2015 Award for Scientific Research

2014 Learning Scholarship at Peking University

2014 Award for Scientific Research

2014 Innovation Award at Peking University

2013 Learning Excellence Award at Peking University


2018: PC member of Mutation 2018;

Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering;

Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Reliability;

Reviewer of STVR;

Reviewer of IET Software

2017: PC member of Mutation 2017; Reviewer of STVR, JCST

2017: Student volunteer of ICSME 2017, in Shanghai, China

2016: Student volunteer of FSE 2016, in Seatle, U.S.A