Research Projects Related to Fashion

Conditional Fashion Editing with Attribute GAN

In this paper, we introduce a novel task, namely attribute-aware fashion-editing, to the fashion domain. A first dataset is constructed for this task with 14,221 images and 22 attributes, which has been made publically available. We re-define the overall objectives in AttGAN and propose the Fashion-AttGAN model to tackle this new task. Experimental results show effectiveness of our Fashion-AttGAN on fashion editing over the original AttGAN.

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Virtual Try-On with Generative Adversarial Networks

I am interested in 2D image based virtual try-on solutions, which accept the input of a pair of 2D images, i.e. a user image and a garment image. The output will be a synthetic but realistic looking image that "wear" the article to the input user. While it is a challenging problem, it still has a lot work to do to reach to a real application.