Jiangbo Yuan

Email: jiayuan AT ebay dot com

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Jiangbo Joined eBay in 2019 and he is currently a senior applied researcher in the CoreAI computer vision research team. He received his PhD from the Florida State University in 2014. Over the last 10 years, he has worked on projects and productions including large-scale image/video indexing, image recognition and retrieval, object detection, fashion outfit recommendation, image generation and editing, OCR, etc. He has published 20+ research publications on top conferences and workshops including ICCV, CVPRW, ECCVW, MM, ICASSP, ICIP, ICDM, etc.

He is currently focused on research & development for large-scale product image benchmarking, recognition, detection and retrieval, self-supervised learning, multimodal retrieval, data augmentation with generative synthetic data, etc. He is passionate about deep learning applications and research. Outside the work, he is a soccer fan and an amateur soccer player.

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