Johns Hopkins Directed Reading Program (DRP)

Joint between Math and Applied Math and Statistics (AMS)


What is DRP?

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) is a program that pairs undergraduate students with graduate students for one-on-one independent studies over the course of a semester. The program was started at the University of Chicago but it is now running in several mathematics departments in the country. 

The program is largely free form and without theme inasmuch as content is concerned. At the start of the program, mentors will propose reading topics, typically on subjects outside regular course offerings. Mentees will then apply for topics that interest them most. Highly motivated mentees may also propose their own topics and be paired to a suitable mentor. Accepted mentees will be matched to a mentor, who may or may not be from the same department (math/AMS). During the program, mentors and mentees may take the project in new directions, whichever way that they like. 

What is expected of mentees and mentors?

Final Presentations

At the end of the semester, there will be a presentation session. All members of the departments and friends of speakers are welcome to join. There will be pizza!

Why participate?




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