John F. Kennedy School Canton Association of Parents and Teachers

JFK Membership Information Sheet.pdf

What is CAPT?

The Canton Association of Parents and Teachers, or CAPT, is a non-profit parent/teacher organization for the John F. Kennedy Elementary School.

CAPT’s goal is to enrich a child’s school experience by funding outstanding, creative, and imaginative programs that are beyond the scope of the regular school budget but are consistent with and complementary to existing school programs.

CAPT funds all school field trips and the Grade 1-5 Author in Residence program, as well as in-school educational programs such as science demonstrations and safety workshops.

We also help provide much needed supplies for the classrooms and organize activities such as the Winter Fling, the Holiday Shoppe, and the annual fifth grade play. In addition, CAPT produces the school newsletter, sponsors retail shopping fundraising options, runs the room parent program, monitors School Committee meetings, and supports the beautification of the school and grounds.