Canton Association of Parents and Teachers

Welcome Back Bulldogs!
Wishing all students, staff, & families the best school year yet!

What is CAPT?

The Canton Association of Parents and Teachers, or CAPT, is a non-profit parent/teacher organization for the John F. Kennedy Elementary School. 

CAPT’s goal is to enrich a child’s school experience by funding outstanding, creative, and imaginative programs that are beyond the scope of the regular school budget but are consistent with and complementary to existing school programs. 

What Do We Do?

Why Aren't You Joining CAPT??

"I don't have time!"
CAPT Meetings are once a month, usually at 7 PM. We know it's hard with young kids at home, after-school activities, sports, homework, dinner, bedtime routines. ALL. THE. THINGS! Joining CAPT doesn't require you to attend every meeting. Want to come to every meeting? Great! Can only make one meeting a year? Awesome! You can attend as many or as few as you want!

"I wouldn't know how to run an event!"
Joining CAPT does not automatically have you running or organizing an event. Many times there are opportunities to shadow "veteran" parents so you get a feel of the different aspects of CAPT. Many hands make light work! The more people that join CAPT make it easier for everyone to have as big or as small of a part of an event as they can handle.

"Those CAPT moms are crazy!"
Okay, this one might be a little true! Members of CAPT can be "enthusiastic" and move full steam ahead! We want students and staff to have the very best experience possible!

Want to Learn More?

 Join us for a meeting! 2nd Tuesday of every month in  JFK Library at 7 pm 
Have questions? Reach out to us at JFKCAPT@gmail.com