Welcome everyone, thank you for visiting. Please make sure to read at least the landing page of my main website at www.Trump777.com before reading this page. It will make more sense if you are new to all of this as this page is the final info or the advanced anon info before the big event of the Great Awakening.

Before you read the following, I will remind you what I have said in other parts of the website. The bible is edited and cut up into tiny pieces by the Cabal aka Dracos aka Luciferian order aka Draconian order aka Lucifer's race (Satan is not Lucifer, Satan is a spiritual being, Lucifer is the king of the Draco species and an immortal). Lucifer was the one who told Adam to eat the apple and he has owned / enslaved humanity ever since. The true bible is 777 books. The cabal gave us a very dumbed down 66 books, hiding the rest. But even the 66 books are not right. One book by itself can not fit into your hand, but fills up a room. The 777 bible is miles of rooms under the Vatican and now controlled by the earth alliance. (Q force)

This is the sign of Christs return in 2017, as it says in the bible...

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon at her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: and she being with child cried, traveling in birth, and pained to be delivered.

1-06-2016, The alignment of Jupiter and Venus will make the star of Bethlehem.

1-06-2017, The Alignment complete. If you weren't looking up, you missed the star of Bethlehem shining after 2000 years.

She has already given birth, now she is giving the world the Amare or sack of grain in her hand, riches upon the earth.

If you listened to the 15 hours of video or audio called the Jesus strand at www.awake777.com, you would understand what you are about to read.

But here it is all compiled together in short form.

Jesus had not 12 apostles but 13. The 13th was his wife, Mary Magdalene and no she was never a prostitute as the lie is told. The cabal has so many different plans and ways to hurt and keep humans controlled. One is the years of keeping women not equal to men. Mary was Lady Christ and she (as you will soon see) is your savior continuing Gods plan after Jesus sacrificed himself. 13 is the number of Mary, and the cabal knew she was the one to eventually take them out so the plan was also to hide and twist her number. 13 not in the elevators , 13th floors not in buildings or ships, and Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day. Friday the 13th is her day, a holy day, twisted to be thought of as a superstitions day. A king framed the Knights of the Templar, because he wanted them dead. The public was fooled to think they suddenly turned evil and needed to be executed so the King picked Friday the 13th to execute them and declare Friday the 13th to be an evil unlucky day. Mary created The order of the blue rose under the Druze religion. She had her son (The Holy Grail) and raised him to know his mission to seed many bloodlines under Christ. Just like the evil cabal, the Christ bloodline has 5 strands of DNA not two like the rest of us. So again, just like the cabal, the rules are you can only bare children within the bloodline (cousins) Throughout history, these bloodlines both Good and Evil have been at war, mostly non kinetic, and mostly spiritual until the time was right for the alliance to act. In 2011, they took over the NSA (google NSA headquarter terrorist attack friendly fire FBI CIA) with a surprise firefight that caused the FBI CIA NSA bad guys to not know who was who and even shot their own people. In 2014 after Obama created a secret shadow government just blocks away from the white house, the alliance took him and Michelle out and replaced with doubles so that they could run the shadow government themselves and see where all the cabal were worldwide. Kim Clement prophesied about this and predicted this in detail. This put everything in place so that once Trump was in office, the military would already be ready to turn things around. In Afghanistan, the military took out the bad Taliban and allowed the good guys to fill the spots as the Taliban was farming the worlds opium supply. The Taliban you now see are the good guys and everything you see on fake news is part of the movie. Trump and the alliance have created fake news for the fake news companies to report. He has played them and turned things around. This week, was the last of all the missions before the big reveal and this week, the news media is now under white hat control. Afghanistan is the first true free country in the world. No Jabs in the arms, no masks, complete freedom like no Muslim country has ever seen. The weapons left behind were left for them to protect themselves while also allowing the alliance to make the biden admin look bad. By the way, in case you aren't part of the ones who know, Biden Kamala and so many others are actors, the real people were taken away a long time ago. The only way to wake up the world is to show the world what they were going to do. The plane had no doors at all, painted on windows and was absolutely undeniably fake, all you have to do is look up the plane picture with a real C-17. There was no landing gear, a close up shows a flat car holding up the large blow up plane. A real plane especially a large C17 would suck up the people into the engines. The flat car is what they use to hold up parade floats. The guy in the back was sitting on the edge of the plane texting or looking at his cell phone. The video clip of the Kabul airport was not an airport and wasn't even Afghans, it was the Dallas Cowboy stadium showing Cowboy fans rushing the building back in 2015. All these mistakes is done on purpose. Trump is making fun of all the sheep trying to make things so obvious. Trump is constantly giving out Q codes in every speech, giving out gematria codes with every word he speaks, and even making the Q sign with his finger in the air over and over and over looking very obvious and why Anons have so much faith and confidence in what is happening. Jesus said in the bible to spread the gospel just before revelations and that is what the Q movement is all about.

Again, the following is information you can get from watching 15 plus hours of the negative 48 team online. Negative 48 just admitted a few days ago that he is in fact JFKjr. He has undeniable evidence through the stories above, his research team and the communication of the lord known as Gematria.

A past Qdrop and something re-posted by flynn

White house secured, done in 30.....

On August 17th 2021 after Biden left for vacation, Nancy Drew recorded trump entering the white house, full motorcade and secret service. 30 days from trump securing WH is Sept 16th.

Sept 6th= Pfizer to turn in docs for approval

Sept 6th = delta Qdrop EBS

Sept 7th = Bible says the feast of trump

(Feast of trump is mother Mary giving of the amare. The amare is the sack of grain she holds in her hand.

Sept 11th = the day Jesus was conceived Another lie is Jesus's birthday being Dec 25th. He was conceived on Sept 11th 0003 BC (yes 3 years before they said he was born as he was chosen and at 3 years old, given to "virgin Mary and Joe" JFK was Abraham Lincoln's grandson, he was also chosen, and given to a Joe (Kennedy) to adopt at a young age. Joe Kennedy and his wife Rose (as in order of the blue rose) Jesus was born on June 14th the same day that Donald Trump at 6 months old was given to the Trump family by his father General Patton.

Sept 14th = delta Qdrop Julian Assange who is Marilyn Monroes and Elvis's son seeded for the bloodline of Christ. Elvis gave his CIA collected data to his son who put it on Wikileaks years later

Sept 15th = the day of atonement the day Christ forgives us for our sins. The star of Bethlehem is about to appear in the sky at the chest of Leo the Lion (jupiter and venus aligning once again after 2000 years.)

Sept 16th = the feast of the tabernacle, the day we celebrate the new world and the gifts God has given us. This is the last Q-date (done in 30)

Sept 6th thru 16th is 10 days, the 10 days of darkness.

The second coming of Christ is sept 15th.

Not the second coming of Jesus, this will be the second son of God resurrected after he was assassinated in 1962. John Christ will appear next to trump sharing his presidency as they both were inaugurated on march 11th by the military along with JFKjr. Yes we have two Presidents and once this is revealed the prophecy of kim clement who said the whole world will ask how are there two american presidents comes to fruition.

Mary magdalene, Jesus's wife. was carrying the first holy grail in her womb the day of crucifixion. Trump is the 2nd Cyrus, JFK is the 2nd Christ, JFKjr is the 2nd holy grail. 2+2+2 = 6, 6 times 3 as 3 is the spiritual multiplayer of highest power = 18 or 6 6 6.

777 is the number of God, 666 is the number of man destined to ascend next to god, stolen from us when Satan enslaved us. The 3 new presidents will be giving the numbers and the power from Satan back to humanity. Trump was connected to 666 most of his life, those who think that means he is the antichrist don't understand the significance of the chosen one or the significance of both numerology and gematria, God's holy use of numbers. Trump was never scared of satan, he omitted floors at his 666 building do he could live on the 66th floor. He was telling satan, im coming for you.

Trump said when he was elected it was him taking the power of the government and giving back to the people, only because he couldn't say the correct words yet, but he will say these words correctly when he stands next to Christ and let's us know once again, he has taken both the numbers and power stolen by satan, and given them back to humanity.

If anyone doubts what Iv'e said, take a look at the Jewish religion and ask why have the Jews suddenly made the following announcement? They have knowledge of what is coming.

The Jewish religion just announced that they are moving the Jewish holiday this year with no explanation why, to Sept 6th thru the 16th. This has never been done in history, so why have they changed the Jewish day of reckoning to Christs day of atonement?

The spirit of Christ is not alone this time, he has brought back others from the dead or at least the dead in Christ. Like Candace Owen's father who is Martin Luther Jr, Elvis, Princess Diana, John Denver, Michael Jackson, Prince, Randy Savage, and many others. 150 plus celebrities who will be telling you the stories of the cabal and how they had to escape by faking their deaths. Stories that will never be forgotten so we never allow Satan out of his cage again.

Remember this very important message, the cabal changed the bible, they have made things scary when they do not have to be. The end of days or revelations is their end not ours. As it says on my home page, Christ brings heaven to earth and gives us 1000 years of peace. Nothing to fear, this is the most exciting time in Earth's history.

If you don't understand Nesara Gesara, read that page on my main site to see what is coming, the gifts God is giving you.