Notes &Reflections on Allyship

Photo by Emily Glick

From a community leader describing Friday night shabbat with allies:

Friday night @[shabbat services] had me in tears. 150+ young Jews singing & praying towards liberation alongside ~15 allies, who we organized 2-3 hrs before to stand outside/provide physical solidarity instead of police/security

From a rabbi describing shabbat services at her community:

Shavuah tov. I hope you all had safe and beautiful Shabbatot. Sharing with you two pictures from the team of 12 people that volunteered to stand outside during our services. I am moved, challenged, and inspired. I am ready to keep working. [Images of allies holding signs outside the building where service were held. Signs say "We're With You Hineinu, with Love and Solidarity" "Muslims Stand With Jews. Hate Will Not Define Us." "Here for you Hineinu"]

I was afraid to go to Shabbat services tonight. Regardless of probabilities or rationalizations, I just was, in my body. So for me that means I had to go. I walked up to the building and a group of allies were out front, keeping watch. They said hello to me as I walked in and I could barely respond for choking up with tears. No matter how necessary or unnecessary they may have been for our safety tonight, it was the most staggeringly disarmingly moving thing I’ve experienced in a long time. I was still afraid, still vigilant of every noise coming through the door. But it mattered knowing there were people, bodies and souls, there to defend us in the vulnerability of our being all in one place, of gathering to sing, stomp, cry, pray, and say “we’re right here.”

We’ve gotta protect each other, folks. This is where we are. I will stand in front of your buildings too.

From a friend: "Hey! Just wanted to say that your life is valuable and important xxx (Just in case you needed a reminder)"

This friend later told me: "I thought of you right away on Saturday but wasn't sure if it was appropriate to text you. I mentioned it to another friend who told me of course I should reach out." This is a reminder of how hard it can be for non-Jews to act as an ally to Jews. For all the messages we have received, there are SO MANY other allies who have thought of the Jews in their lives, but have not yet figured out how to reach for them.

Thank you. The sheer volume [of submissions to this site] is really heartening in a way I didn't anticipate.