Question: Are all youth served by Jessie's Kids Foundation in the juvenile justice system?

Answer: No. The mission of Jessie's Kids Foundation is to serve all at-risk youth in Tippecanoe County and their families. The goal is not to only help youth in the juvenile justice system but also to prevent at-risk youth from entering that system.

Question: What kind of things does Jessie's Kids purchase for youth?

Answer: Jessie's Kids Foundation provides funding for educational, recreational and family support programs at Cary Home for Children as well as Juvenile Alternatives, Juvenile Probation and Oakland High School. Items that have been purchased include funding during school breaks, clothing items, incentives, recreational equipment and extra-curricular activities and supplies.

Question: Can I donate goods or services to Jessie's Kids Foundation?

Answer: Yes. Call Cary Home for Children and ask for a list of needs. The front office can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Question: Does Jessie's Kids Foundation participate in AmazonSmile?

Answer: Yes. For AmazonSmile

  1. Login to your Amazon account

  2. Open the drop down list under your account information

  3. Scroll down the account section and click on Your AmazonSmile

  4. Search for Jessie's Kids Foundation and select it as your charity choice.