Since she was a little girl she fell in love with beauty. When she has 7 years old for her Christmas she ask for dolls so she can do hairstyles and makeup on it. She remember her first one was a Barbie with the hair so long that she can do a beautiful fishtail and then the imagination begun. Her dad own a company and close by it was a few beauty salon, she started going door by door and asking if someone need help! She was only 12 and no one want a young girl in a salon except a lady that was by herself and give her the opportunity to shine. She started washing hair and then she took classes for basic haircuts and for the age of 14 she started her education in cosmetology.

She loves every single day when she was on school. It was her dream come truth. When she was senior, Jessica compete with all the vocational school in Puerto Rico winning first place in all categories (haircut, makeup and evening styles) winning the overall she traveled to US representing PR and also winning first place. When she was back to PR have another competition with privates school and she also was the first place. Then she knew that she is meant to be a hairstylist all her life. Jessica start working on a salon for many years and taking master classes with Paull Mitchell , Alphaparf and Redken. She develop a master techniques in color and color corrections. She though that have all but felt that something was missing. Her passion for makeup and updos she missed them… now as owner of a salon in Puerto Rico she want a change.

She started clases with QZA one of the greatest makeup artist that her country has. With her she completely change her technics an improve her makeup skill for Brides. Not knowing that destiny has something new for her. On 2016, Jessica move to Cary,North Carolina looking for better life for her family and not knowing nothing from the state. It was a very hard time for her, starting all over again from scratch no ones knew her just her family. She start spreading her art all over the state and finding some amazing people on her way she only can say …“I am bless, God just give me the talent to make feel beautiful and confident a person with just a touch of my art” With now 3 years in North Carolina, Jessica is a well know for her diversity for work on all type of ethnicity for hair and makeup. Wanting to learn more for her skill she travel to New York City to take a Master Class Beauty Workshop with Griselle Rosario a well know Editorial Makeup Artist for her production on magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Harpers Bazaar.

Working with great photographers like, Itaysha Jordan, Luis Guillèn, Omi Tanaka and Roey Pnini ; Jessica Vargas definitely take it to other level to bring the best for her clientele. Wanting to bring something new to her Brides to be, Jessica travel back to New York to learn new techniques of application for makeup that makes flawless skin and look refreshing in Griselle Rosario Bride workshop working with one of the best photographer, Lindsay Adler. With now a hand fill with new techniques and experiences, Jessica want what she loves more… bring the best for all of you!

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