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Released: Jan. 14, 2020

We're at the dawn of an incredible transformation in education. Augmented reality and virtual reality--technologies that were once the province of science fiction and fantasy--are faster, better, and more affordable than ever. These tools have the potential to not only inspire students but to redefine how we teach and collaborate. But widespread adoption of AR and VR in K-12 classrooms requires taking risks, investing money and time, and training educators.

Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality makes the case for taking this leap by showing how educators are using these amazing technologies, and it provides a powerful framework to help anyone, in any school, join them. The innovative educators profiled are already designing learning experiences using AR and VR that supercharge student motivation, encourage creativity, and make otherwise impossible educational adventures accessible to all. You can do the same, using easy-to-implement resources that will revolutionize how you approach instruction. Equip your students with the skills they'll need in the future--today.

I proudly co-authored this book with Christine Lion-Bailey and Micah Shippee, PhD.

Released: Jul. 29, 2019

Fueled by Coffee and Love: A Brew Perspective is the third book in the Fueled by Coffee and Love series. With 28 stories written by teachers from all over the world, this collection of diverse voices highlights the importance of building strong relationships with our students, loving our jobs, and most importantly, sharing these moments of love and joy with you. Explore the joys and challenges of education with this window into teachers’ hearts and souls.

I contributed a short story, "The Suggestion Box," about my time teaching middle school in the Bronx.

Released: Oct. 1, 2009 (Prurock Press)

High-Tech Teaching Success! A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Innovative Technology in Your Classroom gives classroom teachers exactly what they're looking for: advice from technology education experts on how the latest tools and software can be implemented into lesson plans to create differentiated, exciting curriculum for all learners.

I wrote the chapter on technology integration in the mathematics classroom.


Dates: Sept. 3, 2018 - Present

Co-host, along with Jeffery Heil and Donnie Piercey, of the Partial Credit podcast. Our podcast focuses on looking at educational issues through a bit of a different lens often incorporating games and popular culture. We are a proud part of the Education Podcast Network.

Released: Jan. 17, 2020

Featured guest on the OnEducation podcast with Mike Washburn and Glen Irvin. Recorded live at FETC 2020, we talked about my Ready Learner One book Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality and the impact of emergent technology on teaching and learning. About halfway through, Chris Aviles, my co-author on another upcoming book project stopped by and we discussed the state of esports in education.

Released: Sept. 28, 2019

Featured guest on episode 30 of the The Innovative Educator Podcast with Ingvi Omarsson. Discussed my start in education, trends in education, and the release of Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Released: Sept. 23, 2019

Featured guest on episode 91 of the The Suite Talk podcast. Discussed Google Geo Tools and shared some of my favorite strategies for integrating them into teaching and learning.

Released: Feb. 10, 2019

Featured guest on episode 22 of the EduFuturists podcast. Discussed trends in education with co-hosts Ben Whitaker and Dan Fitzpatrick.

Released: Sept. 5, 2018

Featured guest on the season 6 premiere (episode 87) of the DadsInEd podcast with co-hosts Devin Schoening and Josh Allen.