Assistant Professor

Texas State University

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About Me

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor at Texas State University. 

Prior to my current appointment,  I completed my PhD in 2019 at Texas A&M University, where I developed a wide range of research interests in the fields of energy, environmental, and resource economics, and a passion for studying the unconventional oil and gas industry. My dissertation consisted of three chapters, where I studied two important issues related to water use in hydraulic fracturing in Texas, information and strategic acreage acquisition by upstream oil and gas firms during the early development of the Williston Basin, and marine recreational fishing demand in the Gulf of Mexico. 

I then spent two years as a Postdoctoral Scholar on the experimental economics team at the University of Chicago. In this time, I continued working on empirical projects related to energy and the environment, but spent the majority of my time learning to design and implement field experiments to test classical theorems and study behavior in these fields and other market settings.