Course Materials

Thesis Design Seminar (PECOS4081). University of Oslo, Fall 2022

Slides for Seminar 1

Slides for Seminar 2

Slides for Seminar 3

Slides for Seminar 4

Statistical Analysis (STV4020B). University of Oslo, Fall 2021

Link to course webpage

Slides for Lecture 1: Foundational Causality

Slides for Lecture 2: Directed Acyclic Graphs

Slides for Lecture 3: Regression Discontinuity

Slides for Lecture 4: Instrumental Variables

Slides for Lecture 5: Difference in Differences

Thanks to Scott Cunningham for sharing his course materials. Some of my slides incorporate material from his presentations.

Globalization and Domestic Politics (Poli. Sci. 347). Duke University, Spring 2017

Slides for Guest Lecture: The Rise of China

Urban Political Economy


This is a syllabus for a course that I plan to offer in the future.