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Welcome! My name is Jens Reinhold and I am a mathematician. I hold a PhD from Stanford University, where I wrote my thesis under the guidance of Søren Galatius. I graduated in June 2019.

I am interested in algebraic and geometric topology, especially in moduli spaces, fiber bundles, and applications of homotopy theory to geometry, with a special focus on the topology of manifolds.

To contact me, send an email to where you replace x and y by my given name and family name, respectively.


  • Some rational homology computations for diffeomorphisms of odd-dimensional manifolds

With J. Ebert [ArXiv]
  • Essentiality and simplicial volume of manifolds fibered over spheres

With T. Kastenholz [ArXiv]
  • Contributed to the appendix of: Sphericity of κ-classes and positive curvature via block bundles

By G. Frenck [ArXiv]


  • Parametrised moduli spaces of surfaces as infinite loop spaces

With A. Bianchi, F. Kranhold, Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 10 (2022) e39 [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Bundles with non-multiplicative Â-genus and spaces of metrics with lower curvature bounds

With G. Frenck, International Mathematics Research Notices 2022 (10), 78737892 [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Characteristic numbers of manifold bundles over surfaces with highly connected fibers

With M. Krannich, Journal of the London Mathematical Society 102 (2) (2020), 879904. [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Tautological classes and smooth bundles over BSU(2)

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 147 (2019), 885895. [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Linear and quadratic ranges in representation stability

With T. Church, J. Miller and R. Nagpal, Advances in Mathematics 333 (2018), 1–40. [Journal] [ArXiv]

Research Talks


Jul. 6, Copenhagen (short talk at ICM satellite conference)

May 24, Göttingen

Jan. 31, Augsburg


Mar. 17, BBS Seminar, online [slides]


Nov. 11, Purdue (USA) [slides]

Oct. 30, PhD Seminar Münster: Questions on Bundles & Bordsim

Jun. 6, PhD Seminar Münster: The Witten genus and almost-parallelizable manifolds


Nov. 8, 32nd NRW topology meeting, Düsseldorf

Jan. 15, LMU München

Jan. 14, Augsburg

Jan. 8, Stockholm


Nov. 26, Münster

Nov. 6, Bonn

Jul. 10, YTM Copenhagen

Apr. 8, Graduate Student T&G Conference, UIC


I have always had a passion for sharing my enthusiasm for mathematics.

See here for more details.