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Welcome! My name is Jens Reinhold and I am a mathematician. I hold a PhD from Stanford University, where I wrote my thesis under the guidance of Søren Galatius.

I am interested in algebraic and geometric topology, especially in moduli spaces, fiber bundles, and applications of homotopy theory to geometry, with a special focus on the topology of manifolds.

To contact me, send an email to where you replace x and y by my given name and family name, respectively.


  • Essentiality and simplicial volume of manifolds fibered over spheres

With T. Kastenholz [ArXiv]
  • Parametrised moduli spaces of surfaces as infinite loop spaces

With A. Bianchi, F. Kranhold [ArXiv]
  • Contributed to the appendix of: Sphericity of κ-classes and positive curvature via block bundles

By G. Frenck [ArXiv]


  • Bundles with non-multiplicative Â-genus and spaces of metrics with lower curvature bounds

With G. Frenck, accepted for publication in International Mathematics Research Notices. [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Characteristic numbers of manifold bundles over surfaces with highly connected fibers

With M. Krannich, Journal of the London Mathematical Society 102 (2) (2020), 879904. [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Tautological classes and smooth bundles over BSU(2)

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 147 (2019), 885895. [Journal] [ArXiv]
  • Linear and quadratic ranges in representation stability

With T. Church, J. Miller and R. Nagpal, Advances in Mathematics 333 (2018), 1–40. [Journal] [ArXiv]


I have always had a passion for sharing my enthusiasm for mathematics. See here for more details.