Dr. Jennifer Elemen serves as public education coordinator, digitally mediated learning for the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) State Center at the UC Berkeley School of Education, providing equity-centered professional learning for educational leaders. She is also vice president of the California Council for the Social Studies, a BeGLAD certified agency trainer, and consultant. Her previous roles include director, administrator, coordinator, specialist, lecturer, clinical coach, department chair, teacher, program leader, and lead outreach advisor. She has received the Diane L. Brooks Administrative Award, Outstanding Secondary Educator of the Year Award, School Improvement Dissertation of the Year Award, Teacher of the Year Award, Civic Learning Award, and Volunteer of the Year Award. She writes and presents, sharing research-based and innovative liberatory practices for classroom, school, and local education agency implementation and continuous improvement. She supports educators creating systemic change for equity and social justice with youth, families, and communities.